Here you can find a list of the 2777 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Laszlo Papp

Senior Software Engineer

Skills: Go Shell Unix c c++ python ruby java javascript

Zooey Miller

I'd like to be a coach!

Luce Carter (she/they)

Volunteering to coach to assist students wanting to learn mobile development. Current course instructor at Code First Girls. Organiser of Manchester Xamarin User Group

Clair Griffiths

Started as a student, graduated to coach, the co-organiser of the West London chapter! Currently working as a Ruby Developer at Citizens Advice.

Skills: rails ruby css html

Salva . (he)

I have experience in enterprise software development, and I want to develop my coaching skills

Skills: Clean Code testing functional programming Design patterns automation docker Cloud Ci/CD business analysis monitoring OOP nosql bash nodejs python kotlin AWS Git React java Scala SQL TDD agile Refactoring css html javascript

Harriet Ryder (she)

Hi! I'm a software engineer working in JavaScript, NodeJS, React, AWS, Ruby & Rails. I currently coach tech at Tech Returners, a free 15 week course for people looking to get into tech after a career break, & also love yoga, running and foreign language

Skills: command line rails AWS Git React ruby css html javascript

Mohamed Oun (He/Him)

HTML, JavaScript (And ES6+), React, Node.js or Python. Those are mostly the technologies I'm experienced in and can probably teach.

Skills: python React html node.js javascript

Chris Butcher (He)

I want to help others enjoy the advantages that learning to code has afforded me. I have built two VC funded startups from the firat line of code (CharlieHR & Portify) and used to teach coding at universities as a teacher with Code at Uni.

Juha-Matti Santala (he/him)

I've been teaching 500+ people to learn programming in Uni Turku, Aalto University, Rails Girls, Django Girls, Boost Summer of Programming, mehackit, codebar and Koodimentori courses/workshops. I currently work as a developer advocate at Futurice.

Skills: frontend backend Vue bash python Redux Git React ruby SQL css html javascript

Raf Mosiolek (he)

I am a self-taught front end developer, working mainly with modern, semantic HTML, SCSS, JavaScript with ES6+ standards and TypeScript. Web Accessibility is my top priority so I will be more than happy to help you build your projects with WCAG standards.

Skills: ES6+ Web Accessibility WCAG scss HTML5 CSS3 Git TypeScript javascript

mark hopcraft

I've been learning to code about a year, new to Brighton, hopefully I can help people out with the basics of html, css & javascript.

Skills: Express node JS css html

Mohamed Habib

I want to help students with, in order to learn about it myself. I'm currently working on a startup called Automark and our stack includes Javascript (Vue.js) and Python (django).I love teaching people how to code as it helps me strengthen my own concepts

Rob Aldred (he/him)

I have around 15 years experience working with a wide variety of languages and all manor of projects from games to large websites. I love code and really want to help improve the diversity in tech.

Olujuwon Alabi

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Reactjs, Nodejs, Wordpress

Eden Brackenbury

HTML & CSS coach, JavaScript web animation student <3

Jev Belikov

I am a researcher with a focus on Distributed Systems and Parallelism in Programming Languages and a certified Software Carpentry instructor.

Phoebe Greig

I have taught myself JavaScript on codeacademy and now teaching myself HTML& CSS. Want to practice more, hands on projects, making interactive websites. When I am more confident, I want to start learning jquery and other types of languages.

Patryk Pilecki (he/him)

Salesman/entrepreneur turned software developer thanks to Makers Academy. Happy to give back to the blooming and empowering community!

Skills: pair programming OOP rspec Jasmine PostgreSQL python ruby TDD javascript

Astrid Novicky (she)

I'm a self taught programmer and recently started working for Thoughtworks. My favourite languages are Python and JS, but I'm also happy help with Java ;)

Skills: python java

Owen TM

Learnt to code at Founders & Coders. Now leading a small dev team at Fat Llama. Good at Javascript (Node/React/Redux), OK at Go, Elm, Java, Clojure...

Skills: Elm Redux node React java javascript

Jeffrey Starke (he/him)

I met Android in 2011, fell in love in 2012, and we've been together ever since. On a mission to change the world!

Skills: Android RxJava Unit Testing kotlin Git java

Anca Gabriela Munteanu (she)

I am a software developer.

Skills: MySql c java javascript

Irbe Krumina (she)

A recent Makers Academy graduate, my strongest skills are Javascript and Node.js.

Zara Syversen

Front End Developer at Gene Commerce. Previous codebar student

Skills: jQuery css html javascript

Liz Morrison (she/her)

foo biz bar

Skills: PostCSS sass React css javascript

William Melbourne (he)

polygot software engineer, I have been fortunate enough to find work with companies which try and make a genuine positive contribution to the world. Strong believe in software being a team sport rather than an individual slog.

Debi Skea (She/her)

CodeClan graduate. Software Developer. MHFA. Mentor. Coach. STEMinist. Advocate of Inclusion & Diversity.

Joey Padasian

I am a front-end developer for my own production agency working with advertisers to create great Ad experiences. I work in JavaScript with Greensock a lot and play around with React, Vue, Phaser and THREEjs.

Skills: animation GSAP node HTML5 css javascript

Rasbin Rijal (he / him)

Software Developer - - @ - - Fellow Bank I would like to share my knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, GIT, Command Lines and more.

Skills: ReactJS Command Lines and more Git css html javascript

William Frankish (he/him)

Full stack developer at Oxford Computer Consultants. [email protected] is also me.

Skills: python (if necessary) java (if necessary) React TypeScript c# css html javascript

Dan Munckton (he/his/they)

Full time developer for more than a decade. Happy to help where I can.

Dylan Nelson

I'm relatively new to programming (2–3 years), but I've already seen how collaboration is far more valuable than any technical skills applied in isolation.

Siddharth Parmar

Web Development, Interaction Design, and Abstract Art fascinates me! Currently, building web stuff at Zalando and Wikipedia.

Skills: Jest node Git React css html javascript

Richard Phillips-Kerr (he/him)

Software Engineer at BBC World Service & CodeClan grad. Best at JS (React), CSS & design, though I love thinking through any problem! The work Codebar is doing to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech to learn code is really important

Skills: React css html javascript

Aisha nasir (She)

full 🥞 🕸 dev

Skills: node javascript

Tacuma Bellford

I want to improve my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills.

Sam Marshall

I've been working as a web developer for about two and a half years, working mainly in javascript focused on clean, functional code. I'm interested in other languages like Clojure and Golang. I'd love to help teach under-represented groups in tech

Mike Nelis

Background mostly in C, C++, Python. Can also find my way around Javascript if needs be.

Skills: Unix c c++ python Linux Git

Julian Blundell (he)

I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

Skills: nosql database php mvc jQuery SQL javascript

Phil Hubert (He)

Currently doing iOS Development with Handy but enjoy a breadth of programming/data analysis work.

Lee Doughty (he/him)

React, Node, Express, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG, Three.js, p5.js

Skills: p5.js Creative Coding svg node Three.JS React css html javascript

Silvia Colombo (she/her/they)

I'm a software engineer who wants to give back to the community. I am currently working platform-side. In the past have worked as a full-stack and front-end engineer. I would love to share and develop further my skills, both technical and interpersonal.

Kevin McCarthy

I'd like to help people learn to code by creating a safe environment. I have experience with coaching and training from my time at Amazon where I was a coach, trainer and Instructional Designer. Currently working as a developer at AND Digital.

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby TDD css html javascript

Kristijan Ivancic (he/him)

I would love to coach people in Python. I currently work as a computer vision engineer at a satellite imaging startup called Bird.i. I have a master's in computer science and previous experience as a software engineer and machine learning engineer.

Tuure Kaunisto (he/him)

I've been a web developer for over 10 years. Although I'm a programmer, good UX is what I like most about my job. I also tinker with electronic projects and robotics.

Skills: ts RoR unity Express node JS jQuery Angular React c# SQL css html

Antonio Eusebio De Abreu Goncalves (he)

Love to code, paint, cook, chat, meet new people and have a good time.

Sergi Tantinya (he)

I've recently moved from London, where I lived for 6yrs. I've always wanted to contribute to the the web industry and Codebar seems the perfect opportunity. Still consider myself a junior in many areas and I want to help other people join the industry.

Skills: Vue JS css html

Amélie Chan (She)

I am a recent graduate of Founders & Coders, a full stack Javascript coding bootcamp, and currently work at an ed-tech startup :)

Skills: React Native React css html javascript

Gilles Kurt


James Cooke (he/him)

Used to help organise London Django meetup group where we worked to increase diversity (hard) and implement a CoC (easier). I'd like to help improve the diversity of the programming industry because I think it's losing out by being white male dominated.

Skills: bash python Linux SQL

Ľuboš Michalič (He/Him)

I'd love to be able to mentor those starting on their journey as a programmer, I've gone through a Makers Academy bootcamp earlier in the year, followed by a month long contract work at the V&A and currently due to start as a Software Engineer

Skills: PowerShell listening empathy SOLID ruby c# TDD

Callum Whyte (he/him)

I am a tech director for a small agency. I started off in the industry self taught and without any university degree. I want to share the wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years with others from a similar position as I was once in.

Andrew Romear (he, him, they)

I would love to code with new people, learn some new languages, teach some beginners and learn from some experts.

Skills: Unix sql jquery rails Git ruby java TDD javascript

Sam Mason (he/him)

I'd like to share my interest in computers with those who would otherwise be unlikely to experience how useful code can be. I've been doing software/computer related things for a variety of commercial, academic and voluntary organisations.

Skills: c c++ PostgreSQL python Git css html javascript

Tammy Speed (She/Her)

I'm attending Founders & Coders learning Javascript and NodeJS. I enjoy coding and am really interested in how to improve user experiences particularly improving accessibility on the web. I'm familiar with HTML/CSS/JS - Node/Express

Marie Dedikova

I am learning Python for more than 1 year. I am working on the project PyBee VOC occasionaly. At this moment I am looking for practicing and community where I can practice regularly. Maybe also coaching.

Skills: django python Git SQL css html

Lauren Dorman (She/Her/They/Them)

I am a Berlin-based Software Engineer. I spend my days at A Color Bright building products and design systems, working with HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript (React, Node, + more), and Python (Django). I am a social activist, community builder, and connector.

Skills: scss Redux node React css html javascript

Bryce Liu (he)

Software engineer at Google

Alex Scott

I'd like to start coaching new students. I'm currently on the course with Makers Academy. I've done a bunch of coaching in the past on non techy stuff and want to continue this :)

Skills: ruby javascript

Alan Ionita (his)

I've just recently graduated from a local coding bootcamp (Northcoders Manchester) and I'm looking to embed the knowledge I've picked up by coaching others, helping them overcome problems I've experienced and new ones.

Skills: nodejs PostgreSQL Firebase Redux React MongoDB css html javascript

Oliver Smart (he, his)

I am a scientific programmer who now develops in Python (but in many other languages in the past). Helping people who want to learn is always fun.

Skills: python data science Jupyter Notebooks git and GitHub/GitLab

Inês Coelho

I'm a Biochemist and Software Developer, who support initiatives to promote Diversity in Tech.

Kelvin Smith (he/him/his)

I'm a software developer with a preference for Ruby and Elixir. Working for Cultivate in Edinburgh.

Skills: functional programming | OOP | typescript | javascript | elixir |ruby | testing / TDD

Sofia Pohjalainen

Front end developer at Ticketmaster.

Skills: Redux Hapi.js Express HTML5 React css node.js javascript

Michael Harrison (He/him)

I work mainly with JavaScript, particularly Express and React frameworks. I also know Ruby. I am a Makers Academy graduate and used to be a software tester.

Skills: React ruby TDD javascript

Mario C Kataoka (He)

I have worked as a web designer and have a really strong foundation with HTML and CSS but would like to transition to development

Skills: css html javascript

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

Skills: Ruby on Rails Azure kotlin AWS Linux node JS TypeScript ruby java SQL

Delphine Claerhout (She/Her)

I love helping people out with coding, finding solutions and offer some guidance

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 sass Ajax Three.JS Backbone React Native Meteor Ember Underscore Handlebars Gulp Compass bower Swift Git jQuery Angular React TypeScript node.js grunt javascript WebGL

Paco Rosa

You cannot master your skill if you cannot teach it :) I'm not after any job, I just want to share my experience and help others to learn coding. There is plenty of katas to make together out there!

Skills: ASP.NET jQuery SOLID Angular React Bootstrap EF TypeScript c# SQL TDD css html

Steve Bradshaw

Professional developer with 20 years experience

Roddy Daly (Him/his)

I have just Graduated from Codeclan and love the idea of teaching others and encouraging them to take up a career in tech. It's never too late!

Skills: ruby MongoDB postgres java css html javascript

Alan Carter (he/him)

Developer at Government Digital Service

Skills: java c# Scala SQL full stack web development

Egga Hartung (she)

I'm all about quality in software development. Did all the things, been in all the places. I love to make people smile.

Skills: TDD agile Refactoring Software-Architecture Quality Code

Markus Haverinen (He/Him)

I'm currently the CPO of Blidz OY working mainly as the lead product owner and head of development. I have worked with web and mobile technologies and UX for around 20 years now and lately I've been focusing on Flutter.

Skills: css html Cordova node.js grunt Photoshop UI Design Angular v1 Some react ES6 Software design/architecture javascript Vanilla javascript UX Design Pixi.js WebGL Gfx programming canvas Shell scripting 3d graphics Dart Flutter

Matt Oakes

I'm a mobile development consultant working in Brighton

Ana-Maria Kadar (she)

I'm a developer, who mostly worked with web technologies, such as: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS I like helping other people learn coding, I volunteered before at GoBridge and Codebar also

Toby Smith (He/him)

10 years plus of C/C++. Excellent knowledge of Linux. Also very experienced in web development (HTML, CSS, javascript, node.js, React). Very good knowledge of DevOps. Good knowledge of many other languages. Happy to help with basics or more advanced stuff

Alison Barnett (she/her)

Ex-CodeClan, working in Ruby on Rails/ ionic /Angular apps (and a bit of Sass and Go) for 15 months, happy to try anything new but if I can help out as a coach would be good to start off with one of these.

Alex Ware (he/him/his)

Would like to coach/teach. Full stack dev at the Grauniad. Looking to jump in and get helping.

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