Here you can find a list of the 2777 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Magnus Henoch (he/him)

I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

Tommy Crosby (they)

Developer, maths geek, various shades of LGBT, interested in communication systems, data storage, API design, pretty UX, and teaching.

Skills: bash sysadmin and general faffing JS SQL php

Andrew Campbell (Andy)

I want to help mentor

Robin Van Rijn

Cambridge based User Experience Designer and Front End Developer. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Keen to help others learn. Background in animation and graphic design.

Skills: design ux css javascript html

Jonathan Fielding

I want to help developers working on anything responsive, javascript, node.js and performance related

Claire Mitchell (she/her)

I'm a software engineer at Deliveroo and a massive fan of JavaScript. Talk to me on Twitter!

Skills: Redux twitter pep talks node css javascript html React

Eli Schutze (she/her)

Find me @elibelly ! Love to help people get into tech.

Hugo Rut

Web developer here in London. Coding is my passion, always looking to hone my skills and play with new technologies. I want to help more people discover how great programming is!

Skills: ruby php css javascript html

Lawrence James (He)

I'm currently a Drupal developer based outside of Brighton. A friend suggested I see if I can help out as a coach. I use PHP heavily and also maintain the JS/CSS/HTML on a regular basis.

Maloney Liu

Product engineer

Skills: ux rails Git SQL ruby css javascript html

David Basalla

Ruby, Rails, some Python, some Javascript, React, WebGL

Junyuan Xue

Full-stack developer and graduate from Makers Academy. Passionate about Ruby and JavaScript!

Paul Anderson

I've been a web developer since 1998, most of my experience being in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

Chris Rogers

I'm a web Developer mainly (both front and backend) focusing mainly on PHP and platforms such as Wordpress and Magento. I have experience in Photoshop, Maya and Unity3D also. I like to teach and find enjoyment in others learning.

Ken Alex Fassone

I've been a coach once in the rails girls event. I'd like to practice more as I want to focus on my coach skills and help other people on their first steps into programming. I'm currently a full stack developer for carwow, I can help with rails, meteor .

Ina Tsetsova (she)

I'm a dev, who recently graduated from Makers Academy

Jasal Vadgama

I've been in the industry for the last 10+ years and have seen the evolution from frames-based layout to where we are today. I enjoy mentoring developers and would like to help people learn the core of front-end development.

Michael Craddock

I'm a Front End Developer at Redweb helping out as a coach

Skills: Gulp scss php css javascript html

Donna Zhou (She/Her)

Previously ran Codebar Berlin, now back in sunny Sydney.

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby

Aleksander Sumowski

Learned about codebar from a fellow Thoughtworker. I enjoy teaching and coaching and one of my most best moments in career was being a coach in RailsGirls in one of our offices.

Skills: basic js basic ruby basic html clojure Scala should be ok with most beginner level problems python

Ethel Ng

Makers Academy alumni / Full Stack developer at ustwo

Skills: node.js Git ruby css javascript html React

Maria Ntalla

My background is mainly Java but I am now working with Ruby and Golang a lot more and thoroughly enjoying it! :)

James Riley

Javascript and Ruby Developer on the team. Have built and worked on many web applications, at various companies over the past few years. Helping bring juniors up to speed has opened my eyes to the joys of coaching, so I'm wanting more!

Skills: MySql AngularJS rails Git ruby css javascript html

Helen Natasha Moore

I design and build websites using WordPress.

Nishita Singhal

JavaScript Developer at Marvel Prototyping

Tom Sabin

Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting. Always learning; aspiring to become a full stack developer.

Tim McDonald-Bell

Ruby on Rails teacher at

Karlotcha Hoa

I like maths, writing code, teaching and cats.

Robin Newton (he/him)

I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

Skills: c c++ python java

Alex Buck

software engineer

George MacRorie

Brighton based Golang developer looking to help out as best I can. I have been a developer in digital publishing, analytics and peer to peer social networking for the past 3 years.

Lauren Spencer

I'm a music academic turned developer and a lifelong geek. I love how programming languages have rich histories that influence their structures and uses, and I look forward to chatting code with you soon!

James Elderfield (He/Him)

I'm from the UK but now live and work in Helsinki. I used to be a scientist (mathematical and computational epidemiology) but now work for a software consultancy, focussing mainly on data science and code quality analysis.

Jonny Arnold

Currently working at Reevoo. I want to share my love for programming.

Gareth Weaver

AngularJS, CoffeeScript, JS, jQuery, Canvas, sass, CSS3, HAML, HTML5, Photoshop, Github. I'm a front-end developer and designer with over 5 years commercial experience.

Robert Fay

I've worked in web and software development for around eight years, and now provide enterprise development and consultancy services through my own company. I specialise in the platform, but can help with HTML, CSS, JS, Python and Java.

Hasan Ahmed

A passionate Software Developer. Creator of I enjoy sharing my knowledge to new comers.

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 wordpress ASP.Net MVC Sql Server SQL php jQuery javascript c#

Emma Beynon

Junior Developer at the Government Digital Service. Makers Academy alumnus.

Skills: rails ruby css javascript html

Alexander Troup (He/Him)

I'm a Senior Developer with 10 years' industry experience. My main technology experience is in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML, css and NodeJs.

Skills: TypeScript nodejs vim Azure docker css javascript html React c#

Vicky Gray

Recent graduate of Makers Academy - interested in continuing to learn about code, and helping others to do the same :-)

Skills: ruby javascript html

sophie plimbley (miss)

I want to learn to be better at javascript (like most :)). I also want to give back by helping to teach HTML and CSS. I worked as a front end dev at a digtital agency for a year on big media brands. Now i'm a product owner for WP in the News landscape!

Chris Radford

I work as a senior dev at BorrowMyDoggy, primarily working on our Rails (web) or RubyMotion (iOS) apps, in the past I worked on large scale PHP applications (yes, they exist). I love helping people learn and solving interesting problems.

Skills: iOS rails ruby php

James Brady (He/him)

Previously did a couple of startups in the UK, then moved to the US and did the silicon valley thing. Now back in London and want to make tech more inclusive!

Steve Brewer (he/his)

I'm a Ruby and front end developer at FutureLearn

Skills: rails HAML ruby sass css javascript html

Richard Baker

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at Government Digital Service. I specialise in infrastructure and high scale web applications, but have a variety of development experience, including mobile apps. I like to help others learn to code.

Skills: node Objective-C Swift Git Linux SQL ruby php javascript React

Mike Nelis

Background mostly in C, C++, Python. Can also find my way around Javascript if needs be.

Skills: c c++ python Git Linux Unix

Matt Wilson (he/him)

I'm a full stack web / mobile developer. I enjoy working with front end JS frameworks (Angular, Knockout etc), back-end APIs and services (I've mostly used .NET for this) and mobile dev (interested in dabbling with both native and hybrid apps)

Adam Craddock (He)

We have spoken to Charlotte Jackson about the possibility of hosting some codebar nights in July. I'd like to attend to get some experience in how codebar is run whats involved.

Alex Roche (he/him)

I'm a Full Stack developer at Akkroo, and have spent the last five years getting my hands dirty in everything from servers and databases to front-end frameworks. I've also got a passion for maths, hashing out problems and fixing things!

Skills: php jQuery css javascript html React

Bradley Reeder (He)

I'm currently a full stack javascript developer at Founders & Coders, a web development bootcamp in London. I have some experience coaching and helping run the course, and am eager to build on this by helping beginners to javascript.

Sohil Pandya

JavaScript and Node dev

Dan Q (he/him)

I hack HTML/CSS/Ruby/JS/SQL. And PHP if I must. Stuff I've done: Three Rings (volunteer management), OxUni library websites, put little red tractors on milk,, contributed to WordPress codebase, de-facto Ruby MOTP implementation...

Skills: JS SQL ruby php Security hacking jQuery css html

Andrzej Dyjak

Software Engineer.

Mike Street

I am a front-end developer for a Brighton agency and have over 5 years commercial experience in building websites in all shapes and sizes. My expertise lay in HTML and CSS (including Sass & Less) although I can do some javascript/jquery.

Matt Freestone

I've been writing code since I was a kid - I'm from the ZX Spectrum generation. I've worked for several large banks and software companies writing all kinds of applications. More recently I've managed development groups in the UK and India.

Lee Moody

Developer at the Financial Times.

Philipp Schuegerl (he)

Current: Qubit - Senior Software Engineer working on Java backend of a reporting pipeline. Before: Microsoft US - Software Engineer II working on the Bing Ads backend in C#.

Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

Michael Henretty (he)

I am a professional web developer, working for Mozilla. I would love to mentor beginners and to be an ally for creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Samuel Boguslawski

I am a full stack web developer at CareerFoundry. I like to help and share knowledge. I also like to learn new skills.

Matt Oakes

I'm a mobile development consultant working in Brighton

Rachel Black

Working a developer after attending codebar and Founder & Coders last year, excited to help coach others learning to code.

Marten Veldthuis (he/him)

I've coached at RailsGirls Groningen before, and organised yearly Code Retreats. I love helping out.

Neil Kimmett (he/him)

I'm an iOS developer, but also know bits of HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and Javascript. I would love to help people learn, it would give me joy in my heart <3

James Bliss

I'm a Lead Front End Developer at redweb.

Daniel Burrell

Java developer moonlighting as a connoisseur of HTML & CSS.

Skills: java docker kubernetes helm html

Jim O'Donnell (he)

Front-end developer at

Skills: accessibility css javascript html

Karim Cheurfi

I would like to work on JavaScript, especially Plain JavaScript to be able to create my own web applications. I have interned at an agency in Brighton before and I would like to expand my knowledge ans skills in JavaScript programming.

Jolyon Russ

I enjoy teaching people to code. I'm a full stack contractor working predominantly in Javascript, but have also dabbled in Ruby and used to be a Flash developer.

Skills: sass css javascript html React

Bernat Orell

Hi, I am a Front End developer and I am interested in mentor here because a friend told me that it is a very nice environment where I can help people to grow and have a sense of community.

Luke Guppy

A front-ender, currently doing lots of work with integrating data into UIs.

Skills: css javascript (vanilla angular) Front-end workflow (gulp) html

Emma Baddeley

I've just finished Makers Academy web development bootcamp where i've focused on Ruby and Javascript, but also have a working knowledge of html and css/sass, as well as web development frameworks such as Rudy on Rails, Angular JS and Node/Express JS.

Jack Hardy (he/him)

I have been developing for 4 years, currently as a Backend developer, with previous experience with frontend development. As a previous career I used to teach, so am keen to share some knowledge!

Skills: javascript html Angular React Vue node is c# .NET

Oliver Joseph Ash

I want to help others learn to code.

Tormod Smith (everybody)

Just finished Founders & Coders Boot Camp, looking to learn more and practice existing skills.

Rhys Jackson

Data Analyst and wannabe JavaScript developer. Often work with node.js/Meteor

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