August Monthly 🤩

Mon, 19th August at 18:30


Fat Llama


1A Old Nichol Street, London, E2 7HR


Accessibility information

The office is not easily accessible for wheelchair users (it has a step up to the front door, and three more steps up to the main office floor). If any attendees are wheelchair users and let us know in advance, we can sort out a solution for this. However, the downstairs area of the office will still be inaccessible as the only way down is via various staircases. All toilets are gender neutral.


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Please join us for the August edition of codebar Monthlies!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Anushka Fernando (she/her): "An open source framework to improve data quality in the energy sector"

An introductory talk on the basic concepts of reinforcement learning with coding examples.

Narendra Shetty (he/him) : "A/B testing - What, Why, How?"

We are all working towards one single goal. To create a best user experience. But most of the time we are wrong about what we think is good for the user. We usually have no idea if a feature is useful to the user until it is used by the customers. My talk is about letting the users help you understand what they need and if a particular feature is really useful for the users by using the technique of A/B testing. Attend my talk to find out how to run A/B tests in your company at scale and what it takes to build the optimal tests

Short talks ⚡️

Laura González (she/her) : "What Claire Saffitz taught me about coding"

Claire is the star of gourmet makes, a youtube show where she tries to reverse engineer snack foods and make her own versions of them. She throws everything she knows at a problem, experiments, fails, sometimes succeeds, sometimes completely breaks down. This is all despite her being a super accomplished chef with years of experience. Basically she inspires me a lot as a software engineer because I'm the same and i think she gives a super candid look at how nobody ever _really_ knows what they are doing.

Who else will be there?

  • Ava Asaadi (She)

    Ava Asaadi (She)
  • Jess French (She)

    Jess French (She)
  • Nassera Dahmani (she)

    Nassera Dahmani (she)
  • Yvette Edrei (She)

    Yvette Edrei (She)
  • Melissa Real

    Melissa Real
  • Aleena Baig

    Aleena Baig
  • Omolola Ibojo (she)

    Omolola Ibojo (she)
  • Mohammad S

    Mohammad S
  • Tacuma Bellford

    Tacuma Bellford
  • Boris Tane (he)

    Boris Tane (he)
  • Brenda O (she)

    Brenda O (she)
  • Yetunde Oniwinde (She)

    Yetunde Oniwinde (She)
  • Elizabeth Nyeko

    Elizabeth Nyeko
  • Chukwuebuka Anyaegbuna

    Chukwuebuka Anyaegbuna
  • Colum Wedel (He)

    Colum Wedel (He)
  • Reuben Thomas (he/him)

    Reuben Thomas (he/him)
  • Olamide olabode (her/she)

    Olamide olabode (her/she)
  • Deborah Thompson (She)

    Deborah Thompson (She)
  • Mariana Bazely (she)

    Mariana Bazely (she)
  • Jenny Wilshaw (She/her/they)

    Jenny Wilshaw (She/her/they)
  • Diptis Halder (He)

    Diptis Halder (He)
  • Marium Abid (She/her)

    Marium Abid (She/her)
  • Rebecca Huseyin

    Rebecca Huseyin
  • Simon Hyslop (he/him)

    Simon Hyslop (he/him)
  • Benedict Ng-Wai (He)

    Benedict Ng-Wai (He)
  • barbara aghanenu aghanenu (she)

    barbara aghanenu aghanenu (she)
  • Sofia Shek

    Sofia Shek
  • Afua Danquah

    Afua Danquah
  • Ania Błaziak (she/her)

    Ania Błaziak (she/her)
  • Yu-Jin Tan

    Yu-Jin Tan
  • Olivia Unsworth-Brown (she/her)

    Olivia Unsworth-Brown (she/her)
  • Elena Jarmoskaite (She)

    Elena Jarmoskaite (She)
  • Inês Coelho

    Inês Coelho
  • Ben Scott (He)

    Ben Scott (He)
  • Monika Kaczanowska

    Monika Kaczanowska
  • Richard Kirsch

    Richard Kirsch
  • Victoria Marro (She/Her)

    Victoria Marro (She/Her)
  • Hedda Gressel (she/her)

    Hedda Gressel (she/her)
  • Martha Nolan (She/her )

    Martha Nolan (She/her )
  • Aimi Elias (she/her)

    Aimi Elias (she/her)
  • Georgia Shaw (She)

    Georgia Shaw (She)
  • Diogo Castro (he/him/his)

    Diogo Castro (he/him/his)
  • Sam Dickeson

    Sam Dickeson
  • Alina Marchenko

    Alina Marchenko
  • Gary Siu (they/them)

    Gary Siu (they/them)
  • Daniel Easterman (he/him)

    Daniel Easterman (he/him)
  • Gordon Blackadder (him)

    Gordon Blackadder (him)
  • Zhivko Siderov

    Zhivko Siderov
  • Bruno Girin (he/him)

    Bruno Girin (he/him)


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Jack Lewin (he/him)

    Jack Lewin (he/him)
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)
  • Karan Thakkar (he/him)

    Karan Thakkar (he/him)