Here you can find a list of the 2600 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Maya Malakova (she/her)

I am an experienced Software Engineer and recently a technical lead. I have worked with different programming languages and techniques and would like to help other people learn to program and help myself become better at coaching others.

Fernando Junior (he/him/they)

I've been working with development teams for the last few years. Mostly trying not to break everything around =)

skills: nodejs Test TDD shellscript deploy heroku docker ruby java testing javascript

Josh Goldberg (He/him/his)

I like giving back to the community by helping other folks learn development, particularly web. I recently moved from Seattle, where I volunteered a few days a week TAing in a high school with TEALS and in prisons a few a month through Unloop (no profits)

skills: Less c# html css scss TypeScript javascript

Christian Vielma

I'll be coaching some sessions, especially at King. I have experience developing in Java, Javascript, Scala among other languages. See more:

skills: Scala java javascript

Ed Putans (Him)

Flatiron school student, interested in helping with JS and Ruby/Rails

qmhedging Hedging (he)

learn python, AI and ML. I'm a quant trader.

Xavier Vergés (he/him)

25+ years at IBM in Barcelona. I like Python, node.js and teaching.

skills: node.js Git python

Oliver Caldwell (he/him)

I want to help teach others how to solve problems with technology. I've been building command line tools and things for the web since around 2011 using a plethora of languages and tools.

skills: clojure html css ruby java React python javascript

Raquel Alvear

I am a Business Intelligence Developer who once worked as a Primary School teacher. Very interested in coding and learning new things !

Gopika Premsankar

I am a PhD student in Computer Science. I mostly code in Python and sometimes in C++. I enjoy coaching; I have coached previously with Django Girls and Women for Women. I think it's important to have more diversity in computing!

Jorge Vas (he/him/his)

Software Engineer, creative and detail-oriented. Geek. I fix things that aren't broken.

Daniel Zanchetta (he/him)


Marta Delgado (She/her)

Interested in a volunteer position for codebar workshops in Barcelona. I am currently working as a frontend developer here in Barcelona. The skills I can offer to teach are html, css, javascript and git.

David Adams (Him/his)

As an ex teacher and junior coder, I'd like to start as I mean to go on and share my knowledge and help others on their journey, like others have helped me.

skills: audio production html css node React javascript

Mike Masey (he/him)

Organiser of codebar Kent. I'm a developer at Yoyo, a digital agency based in Tunbridge Wells. I do both frontend and backend (c#). I've been doing web development for about 8 years.

skills: Npm c# html css Git Gulp javascript

Luka Baramishvili (He/Him)

I recently graduated from Flatiron School's Fullstack Software Engineering program. I would love to share my knowledge in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I am passionate about learning as much as teaching.

skills: React+Redux Ruby on Rails ruby React javascript

Fraser Skea (he/him)

Technical lead at a startup looking to help the local dev community. (c#, azure, python, SQL)

Hailey Myers

Been a software engineer for over two years now, mainly work in Java but have experience in other areas as well

Murtaza Gulamali (he/him)

Developer at thoughtbot, interested in data science and machine learning, have experience of web development and numerical algorithms. Happy to help others become confident developers.

skills: numpy Linux Ruby on Rails html css ruby python javascript

Linnie Ncube (He/His)

Software Engineer at FUGA. Passionate about development and reducing the barriers to entry for others.

Axel Norvell

I've been writing code, designing websites and building things since I was 13 years old. I like helping others and sharing my knowledge to help others better their skills, and achieve their goals.

Kelly Sample (she/her)

Front end developer at Forbes.

skills: CSS/HTML responsive design. React javascript

Adam Saeid

Software Engineer at Residently

skills: rails html css ruby React javascript

Jennifer Eiss (She/her)

I'm a front-end developer (largely self-taught).

skills: html css javascript

Jason Brown (He)

Previously worked in education with Microsoft Education UK links where I ran a tech club at my school for 3 years. Since then have been volunteering at Step Into Tech for 18 months, running code and design workshops for students. Volunteered at Untangled.

skills: accessibility user experience design user-centred design design Photoshop Illustrator photography video editing html css javascript ux

Wenye Zhao (she/her)

I am a Software Engineer at Kraken Technologies, the tech company behind Octopus Energy.

skills: django python

Basil Mustafa (he)

Hi, I'm Basil Mustafa,a software engineer from Syria. I have been working as a software engineer for six years I've also worked as a TA for one year. Additionally also I've taught English to unaccompanied minor refugees in Turkey.

Juan Diego Diaz (he/him)

I work at an IT company and I wish to share my knowledge with the world!

James Byess (he/him)

I've been a developer for 5 years now, and my last job was teaching the software engineering immersive program at General Assembly. I've since moved to NYC and I miss teaching, so this sounds like a great opportunity to do that again.

Iona Macbeth (She/Her)

Codeclan grad with 2 year experience. Working for a start up across the stack but predominately in the front end. Mostly working with React, node.js, html, css.

skills: node.js html css React javascript

Isidor Nygren


Edward Mountier (he)

My main skill are c# and t-sql, but I also have experience with Javascript, HTML, some CSS (but I've very rusty) and Delphi Object Pascal. I can get by in C++ but am by no means an expert.

skills: c# T-SQL Object Pascal Cobol. html css javascript

Johannes Elmnäinen

I'm a social scientist turned computer scientist. Nowadays I do mostly frontend, but I've had a great opportunity to learn devops at my work in Emblica Oy and data science at Helsinki University. I play Ultimate Frisbee in my freetime.

skills: FP django devops terraform ml Elm docker clojure Ruby on Rails html css java React python javascript

Owen TM

Learnt to code at Founders & Coders. Now leading a small dev team at Fat Llama. Good at Javascript (Node/React/Redux), OK at Go, Elm, Java, Clojure...

skills: Redux Elm java node React javascript

Cecilia Laborde

I have ~ 2 years of experience using Python for data visualization and data analysis.

Kieran Ramdany

Web dev. JavaScript, node, react, scala, git

Nathaniel Okenwa (He/Him)

I'm a Javascript web developer. I've run a university tech society and been involved mentoring and leading workshops at my university. Just graduated and looking for a place to share my skills with others.

skills: web node javascript

Sally Hill (she/her)

Art school grad who went to coding. I love coding react. I want to get people excited about coding and their ability to learn. I'm interested in how junior devs can gain leadership in a dev team while still getting necessary supports.

skills: teaching code some ruby node React python javascript

Leare Song (She/her)

I am a Software Engineer at a consulting firm and have been mainly working within the financial industry with Java as my main language.

skills: ruby java python

Mina Gyimah (she/her)

Software engineer at Pusher. Learnt to code and changed career 3.5 years ago (and once a Codebar student!), now I share my knowledge with others who want to learn.

skills: golang node.js html css Git React javascript

Ray Kim (he/him)

Hi! My name is Ray and I'm an iOS Engineer at ClassPass.

Paul OSullivan (he)

I have experience leading a team of developers at a digital agency and been coding for about a year. Most recent app was a smart store that uses facial recognition for login and customises user journey based on facial data.

Kelsie Braidwood (she/her/they)

I'm a front-end engineer at Digirati and a career changer through CodeClan Scotland.

skills: html css javascript

Max Howell (he/him)

Swift, ObjC, Ruby, JS, C++, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, smaller amounts of most other common languages and platforms.

Punit Shah (he/him)

I ❤️ the web!

Jimmy Shah (he/him/his)

At codebar, I would like to help teach both Python and Git. I use both daily as a Data Scientist at Cargo, and want to help bridge the gender and diversity gap in tech. Previously, I served as a Diversity Peer Advisor and conducted physics research.

Thomas ZHANG (he)

web developer experienced in php and javascript

Deleted User

skills: node.js Unit Testing logs Elasticsearch docker kubernetes java javascript OOP

Aleksander Sumowski

Learned about codebar from a fellow Thoughtworker. I enjoy teaching and coaching and one of my most best moments in career was being a coach in RailsGirls in one of our offices.

skills: basic js basic ruby basic html clojure should be ok with most beginner level problems Scala python

Antonio Eusebio De Abreu Goncalves (he)

Love to code, paint, cook, chat, meet new people and have a good time.

Georgia Shaw (She)

Have done a front end course and am now doing a python course

Sam Duthie (He)

Python and is developer with experience teaching non technical and technical people in front-end and back-end skills

Sam Harris (he/him)

I would like to help teach code in Houston. I have been a developer for past 7 or so years. I have mostly done Android work professionally, but recently have been doing some Node.JS and Flutter work. I did teach code in Austin also.

Emanuele Gorga

I am a Makers Academy graduated, working full time as Full Stack Software Developer.

skills: Ruby on Rails html css ruby javascript

Jonathan Markland (he)

Heya, i'd love to become a coach at codebar. I currently work for OpenMarket and jumped at this opportunity. I've been a developer for two years and often just find myself surrounded by people who 'wish they did what i do' so i'd like to make it happen!

skills: Scala java python

Pilar Oplustil Gallegos (she/her)

I am a PhD student on speech and language processing using machine learning, and I would like to teach Python

skills: natural language processing speech technology python machine learning

James Corbett (He/Him)

I'm happy to tutor anything I have experience with, primarily: building automation using Python & JavaScript alongside Puppeteer, Selenium, & AutoIt; web design & development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP; software development using Java & Python

Tacuma Bellford

I want to improve my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills.

Andy Schofield (He)

I work with satellite imagery, processing and data management but I love all things computing - Health, Education, Finance, Engineering, Entertainment in various guises and also tech for aid & development. I was a VSO volunteer in Ethiopia a while back &

skills: Satellite Imagery Pi arduino Hockey c javascript

Ghazala Fazil

Software engineer, I would like to volunteer.

Feralamillo Alamillo

I'm learning how to be an amazing front-end developer. Currently working at @futrli with TypeScript and React.

skills: React TypeScript javascript

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Joshua Onyenwere (He/Him)

Code advocate for the underrepresented. React JS and Vue JS enthusiast.

skills: html css javascript

Jenish Chandracim (him)

I am a Senior Software Engineer at CtM and I wish to pass my knowledge to students attending the codebar session.

Heather Whyte (she/her)

Canadian backend engineer at a Fintech startup here in London. I work with Java, microservices, databases, AWS, pipelines, etc.

skills: spring Microservices AWS pipelines java python OOP

Tommy Ferry (he/him)

I currently work as a WordPress developer! As such, I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and several associated technologies (version control, hosting, etc) as well as WordPress specific functions and templating.

skills: html css scss wordpress Git Gulp React php javascript

Eli Flores

I am a Technologist and a Teacher at heart. I like participating and coaching at workshops (e.g. Django Girls, Hour of Code, Rails Girls), conferences and communities (e.g. Women Who Code, Women Techmakers, codebar).

skills: ruby java testing version control python

Harrison Booth (He/Him)

I have worked in Ruby, Java, and Javascript, with knowledge in Rails, React and a little in Angular. I did the CodeClan 16 week programming course.

Eleanor Wintram (she/her)

Node/React engineer, some experience in Laravel/PHP

skills: node React TypeScript php javascript

Steve Fenn

I work as a back end engineer, I do basic html / css / js / js frameworks and ruby but willing to try anything

Stanislav Zhorin

I would like to be problem solving/python/c++ mentor.

Gordon Blackadder (He)

I am a machine learning data scientist at ASOS producing fashion recommendation models in python with TensorFlow. Previously I programmed in C++ for a software company and did a PhD principally using python.

skills: python data science machine learning pandas scikit-learn c++ c TensorFlow

Rachel Franklin

Junior Web Developer, forever struggling with all thing functional programming!

Jason Slade (He)

I've been a developer for over 20 years, just finished my Master's in HCI, and being bisexual, know how much of a lad culture there can be in our field. If I can help, I'd like to.

skills: javascript OOP HCI ux Front-end development

Naomi Meyer (she/her/they)

I am a Web Developer who loves learning new technologies, thinking through complex puzzles, and building innovate tech tools that benefit people around the world.

Alex Sumoy

I'm a coder and trainer in Factoria F5, a digital inclusive and solidary academy of web developing and I'm interested in growing and sharing my skills

Jim Hurst (he/his)

Software Engineer who has been build websites for 20 years.

Jack Henderson (he)

structure of MERN applications...

Jennifer Campbell

I completed a web developer boot camp last year but feel like I still have a lot to learn! I enjoy fusing education and coding. I started a Girls Who Code club at my virtual school and am always on the lookout for edtech jobs & gigs.

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