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Aure Enkaoua (she/her)

PhD student at UCL

Skills: github flask apps little CSS Matlab python html Git

Thomas Ankcorn (he/him)

Puppo dad, coffee snob, foodie.

Skills: TDD AWS devops python javascript node.js

Rodrigue Kayembe

Makers student

Skills: java ruby

Caroline Appleby

Recent graduate of Founders and Coders and previous Codebar student. Ready to give back and share my love of Javascript!

Luke Marris

I am a Research Engineer at Google DeepMind. I am comfortable with Python and HTML/CSS.

Skills: TensorFlow python css html

Ian Feather (He/him)

I have a good amount of experience with front end technologies as well as building systems and leading teams. I currently work as a Software Architect at BuzzFeed.

Skills: some python some go JS css html

Alisher Aliev (He/his)

Backend, Java, AWS Cloud, React, React Native, WebApps

Naz Ezeonyebuchi

I've been a software engineer for close to 8 years. Being a self-taught software developer, I believe that anyone has the ability to learn how to code, and I would like to support new/less experienced developers learn/ improve their development skills.

Skills: backend development etc. AWS java spring

Sehinde Raji (He)

Currently working as a full stack app developer with the NHS where I use Javascript & Objectscript. In the past I have developed transport apps using Laravel, Vuejs & Javascript

Eli Flores

I am a Technologist and a Teacher at heart. I like participating and coaching at workshops (e.g. Django Girls, Hour of Code, Rails Girls), conferences and communities (e.g. Women Who Code, Women Techmakers, codebar).

Skills: version control testing java python ruby

Joshua Onyenwere (He/Him)

Code advocate for the underrepresented. React JS and Vue JS enthusiast.

Skills: javascript css html

Phil Beresford (He)

I'm a developer at a consultancy in Bristol and have been building things using code for about 20 years.

Hannah Gooding (she/her)

Software Engineer at EDITED. Founders and Coders alumna. Code First Girls alumna and Community Ambassador.

Skills: django python javascript css html React

Natalie Yeo (She/ her)

I am a software engineer at RVU with experience building web applications in Ruby, html, css, Javascript and React

Skills: TDD javascript ruby css html

Francesca DL (she)

Currently studying at founders and coders. HTML, CSS, javascript, nodeJs

Skills: javascript css html React

Michael Mulqueen (He/him)

Interested in helping with anything, professionally I do full stack so HTML, CSS, Javascript (vanilla and Vue.js) + Bootstrap and lots of Python, SQL, occasionally PHP. Self taught and a career changer, may be useful?

Skills: vue.js svg python javascript css html

Jamie Cruickshank (They/them)

I would like to teach Python at the Bristol codebar. In the past I worked as a maths tutor for two years and have worked as a C++/CUDA/Python programmer since 2017. Also, I play banjo and have a dog called Dax.

Skills: c++ CUDA python

Phil Jones


Skills: Flask python javascript React

Jyoti Sharma

Associate Software Engineer BBC Step Into Tech Alum

Skills: javascript React

Michael Robinson

Attended uncodebar in October. I'd like to help others learn python and encourage diversity in the tech community. I particularly enjoy open source projects relating to data mining.

David Torres (He/him)

I'm a Front-End Software Engineer. I'm from Spain, where I studied Computer Science and when I finished, after working a year there I decided to come to London to learn some English and work in better places. I've been living here since 2012

Skills: React (not too much exp. with hooks) jQuery JS Redux css html Git

Sarah Wilsoncook (she)

I am a Fullstack Javascript Developer in Berlin, originally from New Zealand.

Skills: Nextjs Expressjs GraphQ swelte ReactJS javascript css html

Dave Swift

I graduated from a web development bootcamp in 2017. Since then I have worked as a software engineer using a range of technologies including the Rails and Ionic frameworks.

Skills: SQL ruby rails html

Steve Hawkes (he)

Front end dev with 15+ years experience, having begun as a LAMP developer. Despite many recruitment initiatives our industry is still male-dominated, this needs to change. I am also a qualified workplace trainer and Scrum Master.

Skills: MySql jQuery JS wordpress php TypeScript css html React

Athanasios Liapis

I am a software engineer focusing mainly on the backend - .Net technologies and cloud implementations on Microsoft Azure.

Mohsin Niazi (he)

Data/Backend engineer with 5+ years experience. Would be happy to teach Java/Scala or any backend related stuff. Can also teach basic Python/Javascript/Html/CSS.

Skills: Scala data engineering java python javascript css html

Josiane Dufour (she)

I wrote my first line of code when I was 22 and after 4 years of teaching myself, I finally have been working as a developer for the past year. I want to help and inspire others to gain the tech skills they want despite how challenging it can be.

Paul OSullivan (he)

I have experience leading a team of developers at a digital agency and been coding for about a year. Most recent app was a smart store that uses facial recognition for login and customises user journey based on facial data.

Javier Honduvilla Coto (he/they)

👋🏻 I like coding and would love helping newcomers! I currently work as a Software / Infrastructure engineer.

Skills: Mercurial debugging bpf Linux SQL python ruby Git

Swetha Charles

I want to learn more about security, SRE & networking. By day I work with React, Typescript and NextJS

Manoj Modhwadia (He/Him)

I work for BJSS in Bristol and have taken a non traditional route into the industry. I'm a first generation British Indian from a lower socio-economic background and would like to help others who may have faced similar struggles to myself.

Michael Roger

I started my career in tech on the back of a coding bootcamp in 2015 and now with several years experience in the industry would like the chance to help others looking to learn and develop the same sort of skills.

Skills: Angular nodejs TypeScript javascript css html React

Rami Ahmad (He)

I enjoy helping students in solving problems and using the right techniques.

Skills: javascript/typescript testing nodejs css html React

Kaitlyn Tierney (she/her)

I'm currently a Software Engineer at Farewill, working primarily with React, TypeScript, and Node.js. I'm also very comfortable with Ruby/Rails projects, having spent the past few years as a Senior Engineer on several different Ruby projects.

Skills: javascript ruby rails css html React

Tristan Roddis (he)

Happy to coach intermediate or beginner level Python, PHP (and Scratch!), as well as beginner level HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git. Also got recent experience with Drupal, Laravel, Linux, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services if any of that helps.

Skills: Drupal php python

Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

Skills: javascript css html

Calum Ryan (he/his)

I'm a qualified IAAP accessibility specialist working at dxw with over ten years industry experience in web development. I care about user experience design and making the web a much nicer, accessible place for everyone.

Skills: VueJs a11y javascript css html

Nishad Sohoni (he/him)

I am a software engineer and I want to try teaching programming concepts to better understand them.

Skills: SQL python

Beth Forsyth (she/her/hers)

I've been working as a software engineer (Rust, and a little C, python, perl) for nearly two years- it was pretty new to me when I started, but I love the satisfaction of problem solving and discovering new things to learn!

Atanas Kozarev (he/his)

I used to give private lessons in programming for 1st year Business students who had a compulsory programming module that was difficult to pass, it was a fun way to practice. CYF:

Skills: listening being patient programming fundamentals coding basics coding fundamentals pseudo code data structures algorithms

Taylor Sainsbury (she/her)

Data scientist who uses Python. Previously obtained an MSc in Applied Maths and carried out my thesis project- largely data science- with the use of Python. Also learnt some other programming languages throughout the course of my MSc and BSc.

Skills: Matlab R python

Kevin Cunningham (He)

Work back and front end. Was a teacher for 13 years and been a professional developer for a few years now.

Tim Wisniewski (he/him)

Being able to build software has opened many doors for me in my career. I recognise that a good deal of privilege gave me the opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge, and to make a career out of it. This box has limited characters :(

Skills: docker python javascript ruby css

Shubinder Virk (he )

I am attending Makers Bootcamp, so I have been developing Full Stack web apps. It will be amazing to build something similar or even work on Kata Style problems.

Poppy Rodgers (she)

Rails developer at Resolver.

Skills: coffeescript javascript ruby rails css html

Chiara Buzzi (She/her)

I currently work as a back-end developer. Learning to code was one of the best things I've ever done: I love it and it allowed me to get a job I truly enjoy. I'd love to help others do the same.

Skills: JS serverless AWS TypeScript node.js css html

Emmett Walsh (he/him)

I've been a developer for a little while now, after taking a conversion via Makers Academy

Skills: devops TypeScript javascript ruby

Akarsh Seggemu (he)

I would like to work on my hobby projects and improve my understanding of programming concepts.

Juan Pablo Blanco (he/him)

Hi! I'm Juan from Argentina, now working at Oracle in Barcelona, I used to dictate some courses back in Argentina (OOP Fundamentals, Angular, Design Patterns) and I really enjoy helping others and see them grow in their path!

Keith Campbell (He)

Learned tech via CodeClan's Professional Software Development Course. Learned life over many years and so would like to give something back & help out students taking their first steps in tech!

Alex Tran-Van-Minh (she/her)

scientist working with Python and the occasional C#

Skills: unity Linux c# python Git

Alexander Atkins (he/his/him)

I have a CS degree from Bristol and eight years commercial experience. I’m most comfortable in Python, but I've been using C# for my day job, and I've also used PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C, Haskell, Perl, MySQL and (a long time ago) Java (version 7).

Skills: bash Make c php c# java Haskell python javascript css html Git

Craig West (he/him)

I have given talks and workshops at WordCamps and meetups and am working as a freelance trainer. I enjoy making complex subjects simple to learn and have been told I teach well.

Skills: wordpress Progressive Web Apps Web Components javascript css html

Albert Aubanell

Full stack web application developer with many variety of technologies. I would like to share my knowledge to others and make coding accessible to anyone that have motivation.

Skills: ES6 MobX java spring SQL javascript css html React

Yogisha Dixit (she/her)

I currently work at Google as a software engineer. I would love to teach Java or Python!

Skills: algorithms java python

Marco Concetto Rudilosso (he/him)

I've helped organising (and I've mentored) a variety of events in the past, from society events at UCL, to Django Girls and she++ events in London. Codebar seems like a perfect match to keep on helping people enter tech.

Skills: rust Julia c# SQL Go TypeScript python javascript

George Webster (He/Him/His)

For the past 8 months I've been running a training course at work and so when I heard about this I really wanted to get involved, it sounds like an exciting opportunity to help people get into tech.

Skills: ReactJS javascript css html

Burhan Ali (he/him)

I have been a software developer for almost twenty years and have mentored a number of junior and mid-level developers in that time. I am very interested in improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, which draws me to codebar.

Skills: c pl/sql php java SQL Go python javascript ruby css html Git

Duncan MacKenzie

I’m a web developer at Public Health England (PHE), and like coding in modern full-stack JavaScript, especially with new features inspired by Python and Ruby.

Ina Yoon (she/her)

HTML and CSS Hi I'm Ina, a current student at Founders & Coders and would love to help people who are passionate about coding :)

Maria Vlad (She)

Full Stack Developer who is passionate about art and books. I make clothes sometimes.

Skills: RoR Vanilla JS ruby css html

Alex Tercete (he/him)

I'm very passionate about increasing diversity/inclusivity in tech!

Skills: R Linux c# TypeScript python javascript css html React Git

Jon Tarrant (He)

Senior full-stack working as a Technical lead focusing on JS/AWS & the bigger picture. Love meeting new people and have lots of mentoring experience in commercial settings.

Stephen Leach (he)

Volunteered as a coach. I am a veteran software dev and coding enthusiast.

Skills: c# C/C++ Agile Practice Agile Coach algorithms Refactoring OOP java python

Jean-Luc Sorak (he/him)

Full-stack software engineer at the BBC, working on internal web applications. Love working with React and passionate about accessibility.

Skills: Redux javascript css html React

Alex Rudall (he/him)

Hi there, I've been a Ruby on Rails/JS developer since 2014, and I'm always trying to learn as much as possible. I like teaching others what I know and helping them :)

Sam Williams (he/him)

I'm a senior full stack developer. I primarily work on web services / SaaS. My primary languages/frameworks are Java/Spring, JavaScript/TypeScript/Angular and SQL/RDBMSes. I'm happy to work on just about anything else, even if it's new to me.

Skills: java Angular spring Spring Boot rdbms dbms SQL TypeScript javascript

Jonne Itäpuro (he/him)

I look forward to coaching junior developers, to help people find their way into the software industry. I've worked as a software developer at e.g Futurice and currently work at I've been active in tutoring/coaching activities for 10+ years

Skills: nodejs TypeScript javascript css html React

Magnus Henoch (he/him)

I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

Alex Drummond (he/him)

I really enjoy mentoring people who are learning to code and talking to them about their projects. I currently work as a full-stack web developer at WhiteHat. Previously I had an academic career, including a fair amount of university teaching experience.

Skills: SQL Elixir Haskell python javascript css html

Joe Carver (He/him)

I'm a 27 year old full stack web dev, working and living in London. I'd like to help others learn to code, and learn to love coding.

Skills: Go kubernetes TypeScript node docker javascript React

Ben King (He/him)

I want to give a little back. In the past, I have helped organise the Golang meetup. I am a software engineer and co-founder at/of Tumelo.

Armand Dupuis (he/him)

Hey, I'm Armand! I'm a senior software developer located in Helsinki, Finland. I have experience coaching and teaching and enjoy helping others!

Skills: TypeScript node FullStack Web Development python javascript React

Nigel Tart (He)

Codebar Brighton organising team. Aspiring data scientist. Former teacher (maths and computer science). CS graduate.

Skills: numpy pandas python html

Alex Dutton (they/he)

I'm mostly a Python/Django developer, with terrible web design skills. Most of my laptop stickers are activism.

Skills: django Flask agile docker SPARQL python

Natalie Hurst-Knight (she/her)

I'm a Software Engineering bootcamp grad and have built projects using languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python. Now I would like to provide support by coaching others who are new to tech/coding.

Skills: HTML/CSS python javascript React

Becky Pauley (She/her)

Self-taught engineer 👩‍💻

Skills: python platform/devops

Nancy Kwan (She/her)

A recovering public accountant turned software developer. Recently completed a 17-week immersive coding bootcamp and looking to give back to the community.

Skills: javascript node.js Express css html React

Huw Diprose (he/him)

Senior developer, working building better government services. I got a lot of help when starting out as a dev, keen to pay it back and ensure diversity in our community.

Skills: ruby rails css html React Git

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