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Salva . (he)

I have experience in enterprise software development, and I want to develop my coaching skills

Skills: Clean Code testing agile functional programming Design patterns Scala kotlin nosql automation Cloud Ci/CD Refactoring business analysis monitoring OOP TDD bash docker java AWS nodejs Git python SQL javascript React html css

Tom Butterwith (he/him)

I'm a Group Engineering Manager at living in Edinburgh. I'm familiar with Java, Python, and Javascript having built high throughput, distributed systems.

Skills: distributed systems interviewing CVs JS java python React

Joko Sanyang (she/her)

Front end developer. Founders and Coders grad.

Skills: Redux PostgreSQL javascript React html css

Johan Ruokangas (He/him)

I’ve been working on frontend and backend (web), mobile app development for five years and instructing React Native trainings. Recently I started working as a user interface designer which has been quite fun. Happy to talk about all of those!

Skills: React Native design Swift python javascript React html css

anna tloth (she/her)

HTML, CSS, JS, React party

Joshua Brown (he/his)

A web developer for 10 years, I have previously volunteered with Railsbridge. I believe in this industry and the jobs it provides to be a force for change.

Luke Marris

I am a Research Engineer at Google DeepMind. I am comfortable with Python and HTML/CSS.

Skills: TensorFlow python html css

Aaron Cohen (he)

i've enjoyed mentoring people in the past and believe the secret to diversity in tech is growing it.

Skills: Perl cs fundamentals c++ java ruby javascript

Ian Feather (He/him)

I have a good amount of experience with front end technologies as well as building systems and leading teams. I currently work as a Software Architect at BuzzFeed.

Skills: some python some go JS html css

Kay Bennett (She)

Could assist people with Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. I don't know Python or mobile development and would like to learn. I want to meet other people starting out and encourage them

Skills: javascript html css

Guy Bushnell (he)

I'd like to help people get into writing code. I have a degree in computer science from UEA (1990) and am a director of a software company based in Norwich. I still have a love of coding and want to use some of my knowledge to assist others.

Heather Whyte (she/her)

Canadian backend engineer at a Fintech startup here in London. I work with Java, microservices, databases, AWS, pipelines, etc.

Skills: spring Microservices pipelines OOP java AWS python

Katherine Liew (she/her)

I'm learning python with the aim of doing data analysis and developing web applications

Andrei Pilui (somebody)

full-stack web developer/designer

Skills: UX/UI gamedesign JS html css

Daniel Brownridge (he/him)

I'd like to help people get to grips with core programming concepts and computer science knowledge. I currently work as a software architect and lead a team of Python software engineers. I enjoy teaching and coaching and also volunteer at Django Girls .

Skills: Networks infrastructure Servers c Linux java Git python SQL

Francesca DL (she)

Currently studying at founders and coders. HTML, CSS, javascript, nodeJs

Skills: javascript React html css

Augustin Grigorov (him)

I'm a full-stack engineer at a personalisation startup in London. I've got a bachelor's degree in "Computer Science" and a master's degree in "Web Intelligence". I'd love to get involved with teaching JavaScript or general programming principles.

Skills: Go javascript React

Michael Mulqueen (He/him)

Interested in helping with anything, professionally I do full stack so HTML, CSS, Javascript (vanilla and Vue.js) + Bootstrap and lots of Python, SQL, occasionally PHP. Self taught and a career changer, may be useful?

Skills: svg vue.js python javascript html css

Tom Westmacott (he/him)

I've always enjoyed programming and I'm keen to share the fun. I've got quite a bit of Javascript experience, as well as Java/Scala, and recently a moderate amount of Python. I have a bit of coaching experience & I'm happy to attempt to help with anything

Carter Cole

i want to help with houston chapter goco is starting

Michael Adeleke (he/him)

JavaScript, React, Go

Skills: sqlite Go javascript React

Olga Matoula

I have previously taught Python and HTML/CSS to women and children and it was a fascinating experience! I had the opportunity to design some of the workshops and working with these people made me question a lot about everything I considered trivial.

Skills: python

Ester Cheynubrata

I'm a fullstack developer at Futurice and would love to help others out as well as learn new things myself!

Skills: python javascript html css

Klara 13 (she/her)

Junior developer trying to help out a bit and learning in the process.

Skills: vue.js WP React (beginner) sass php javascript html css

Armin Hasitzka

I've been an independent web developer for many years, switched to low-level C/C++ recently, and I'm really interested in sharing my passion for software engineering.

Hugh Jarvis

I Would like to do some coaching. Just finished CodeClan training and now looking for 1st tech job

Skills: java ruby javascript

Jason Brown (He)

Previously worked in education with Microsoft Education UK links where I ran a tech club at my school for 3 years. Since then have been volunteering at Step Into Tech for 18 months, running code and design workshops for students. Volunteered at Untangled.

Skills: accessibility ux user experience design user-centred design design Photoshop Illustrator photography video editing javascript html css

Chris Jakeman (him)

experience in: simulation database AI open source

Skills: web c# SQL

Jared Khan

Hoping to be helpful! I work at Five AI, writing Python code for the testing of self-driving cars. Previously, I studied Computer Science in Cambridge and wrote code for iOS apps as an intern at Yelp

Skills: Swift Git python javascript html css

David Benitez (He/His/They)

I want to teach programming for beginners. I know Java, Dart, Javascript and a little bit of Python. I'm also learning Swift and Kotlin.

Sergi Martínez (He)

Mainly Android dev. i love teaching. I can help in java, kotlin, js, node, flutter, and maybe something else

Remy Sharp (he/him)

Web developer since '99 who loves working on the web and learning the nitty gritty. I probably ask why too often, I don't always understand or do it right, but I love making things with code.

Skills: webdev javascript html css

Taylor Sainsbury (she/her)

Data scientist who uses Python. Previously obtained an MSc in Applied Maths and carried out my thesis project- largely data science- with the use of Python. Also learnt some other programming languages throughout the course of my MSc and BSc.

Skills: R Matlab python

Chris Neuroth (they)

human in tech, worker-owner at with-humans, coach at global day of coderetreat, organizer of humansConf and SoCraTes. Likes capybaras and prefers to eat the rich, not animals.

Skills: Testing / (A)TDD / CI/CD javascript TypeScript

Antonio de la Vega (he/him)

For the past years I've been doing a lot of full stack work using JavaScript and Python. More recently however I've been focusing on DevOps and Virtual Machines in my job. Happy to assist in any of these topics!

Skills: python javascript

Tammo Behrends (he/him)

I am always happy to spend enjoyable time with others coding and arguing about everything around that. I have been to various code retreats, socrates days or software craftsman meetups in the past.

Skills: TDD python

Sara Gerion

I'm a backend developer :-)

Matthew Williams (he)

I'm mostly interested in helping others learn. I've coded in Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Python, Ruby... the list goes on. Currently most fluent with Typescript and happy to do anything from DBs to CSS.

Skills: postgres sqlite Figma ruby python SQL javascript TypeScript html css

Simon Rogers (he/him)

I'm a full-stack software engineer but focusing on server-side languages in my current job. I have been in the industry (professionally) for about 15 years. I'd love the chance to give back and help others learn to code.

Skills: c-sharp jQuery Angular bash Vue php Git SQL javascript TypeScript html css

Stanislav Zhorin

I would like to be problem solving/python/c++ mentor.

Praveen Kumar Purushothaman (he/him)

I am a passionate full stack web development mentor and I heard from my friend that I could volunteer here as a coach. I do wear a lot of hats like Cat Lover, Cook, Web Dev, Cloud Comp Consultant, Tech Blogger, etc. This is me:

Skills: React JS node JS Front End MySql Full Stack Bootstrap github php javascript

Ankita Singhal (She)

Hi, I have 9+ years of experience in full stack development. New to london and looking forward to connecting with new and people and learn new things

Skills: web development SQL databases javascript

Jae Lee (She/her)

I'm a junior front-end developer who did career change lately. I'd like to building network with like-minded people and also contribute to the Tech industry helping underrepresented candidates.

Serghei Ghidora

I’ve been working as freelance developer for quite some time now and developed many different products from scratch.

David Poyser (Him/He)

Worked in software for 10 years. Done a little bit of everything except web development. Haven't done serious coding for about 3 years and need to shake off the rust. I don't have any current projects of my own but am happy to help out beginners

Jenny Wem (she/her)

I've been working as a developer for about three years after completing a coding bootcamp. I've benefitted a lot from mentorship and coaching, and I really want to pay it forward! I'd really like to help people get to grips with html/css/js/ruby :)

Robert Woolley (he)

Ruby, Javascript. I'm working for a little startup where I'm the tech lead. I'm aged 50 and have switched career from transport. My coding skills are at the junior developer level but I'm learning fast.

Skills: project management finance leadership ruby javascript

Jennifer Osborne (she/her)

To help underrepresented people get into programming. Previously I've helped with "Women Who Code" workshops and workshops for children at schools.

Sam Clark (he/him)

Basically, I've been working in meetups and teaching folks to code for about 10 years. I learned to code in a meetup environment, and my first job as a developer I owe to the patience of volunteers. Volunteering to teach code is important to me.

Tom Waddington (He/him)

I've been coding in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript for 15+ years. Keen to teach Rails, but can help with JS too 🙂

Skills: API database Ruby on Rails rails ruby javascript TypeScript

Shane Carty (he/him)

Software developer with experience in python, java and ruby, have previously volunteered with CoderDojo

Paolo Bongiovanni (he)

I recently attended an event about underrepresented demographics in the Tech sector, and I'd like to offer some of my time and developer expertise to contribute addressing it.

Skills: c++ delphi python SQL javascript React TypeScript

Keith Campbell (He)

Learned tech via CodeClan's Professional Software Development Course. Learned life over many years and so would like to give something back & help out students taking their first steps in tech!

Michal Pekar

I am a front end developer @ Madgex. I love video games, board games, food, whisky and experiencing new cultures. Also, my golf coach said that I have great hand to eye coordination.

Skills: JS Svelte node.js React html css

Andrew Steel (he/him)

I'm a software engineer, specializing in frontend technologies professionally.

Skills: c Linux Unit Testing Shell scripting Git javascript React TypeScript html css

Sylvain Auguy

I have a master's degree in Networks Telecommunications and Computer science. I currently work as a web developer (mainly backend). I can help with web development. I am experienced with Ruby / Rails. and JavaScript.

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby javascript

Allegra 🦋 (she/her)

Happy to help with everything JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue.js, CSS-in-JS, etc.

Skills: CSS-in-JS docker Vue javascript React TypeScript

Dave Mateer (him)

I'm a professional programmer and would like to find out what codebar does as I would like to help.

Skills: c# SQL html

Khadija Nur (She)

I am passionate about coding and I look forward to a career as a web developer.

Aishah Omar (she/her)

I did a bootcamp in 2020 and am now working as a developer

Skills: SQL javascript node React TypeScript html css

Pavel Iugai

Hi! I'm Pavel. Fullstack developer. Teaching Assistant at Le Wagon. Built a few wechat mini programs. Interested in React and GraphQL. Would like to share things I know. Don't like cats, but they love me (have three adorable monsters) =)

oskar holm

i am a data scientists with experience of python, and r (and also bash, fortran 90, latex, matlab, idl, gnuplot and more)

Steve Huckle

I have worked in the industry for nearly 30 years, and it is very white male-oriented, so Codebar is a great project. I have a degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Music Technology and a PhD in Blockchain Technologies.

Skills: Redux Typsecript Go Solidity (blockchains) Shell-scripts React

My Hoa Tien (she/her)

I am currently learning to become a full stack developer with Founders and Coders. Originally an Architect who specialised in healthcare. I love puns and baked goods!

Skills: NodeJS (ish) React (ish) PostgreSQL javascript html css

Adam Butler

I'm a JS / Ruby developer. CTO of Ordoo and founder of TechTalks.

James McKenzie (He)

I would like to teach programming with a particular focus on data science. I have a PhD in computational chemistry and have worked for the last 3 years as sports quantitative analyst at a hedge fund.

Skills: machine learning data analysis Data Visualisation Statistical Modelling python SQL

Luke Hutchison (he)

I'm a Software Developer that got into the field via CodeClan. CodeBar was mentioned to us during our material, and I am keep to see how I can help. I mostly focus on JavaScript and Java, and make use of GitHub

Skills: java Git javascript

Yinka Salami (He)

I'm currently a Senior Technical Business Analyst at Thoughtworks in which I was previously a Software Developer with experience in SQL, .Net Apps using C# & VB, JavaScript etc. I have been a Project / Delivery Manager, Product Owner in various industries

Skills: Databases / SQL System / Solution / Web designing Process design / mapping Idea generation html css

James Sherwood-Jones (he/him)

I'm a platform / DevOps engineer and also work full-time with NodeJS. I prefer backend development but have experience with frontend technologies (including React) in the past.

Skills: AWS terraform nodejs PostgreSQL javascript React TypeScript

Jihyun Jang (she/her)

I am a student who is taking a web development course in founders and coders at the moment. I would like to help people who want to learn HTML, CSS and JS.

Skills: node.js javascript html css

Thomas Wieck (He)

I would love to become a mentor for all things frontend, mainly JavaScript and if possible Vue. I have worked at all sorts of companies, for clients such as Google, the BBC and Aardman. I think Potato hosted and I couldnt make it, time to make up for it!

Skills: Vue scss javascript html css

Gbenga Ojo-Aromokudu (he/him)

I'd love to do workshops on basic coding principles using Ruby and JS, like Enumerables

Skills: rails ruby javascript React

Dan Farrow (he/him)

I’m a freelance web developer looking to help people get started with web design & development, specifically HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Having worked on the web for over 20 years I’ve seen many changes and fixed many bugs!

Skills: wordpress Vanilla JS php debugging frontend backend fullstack Git javascript html css

Paul King (he)

Full stack engineer with a background in Python, HTML, JS, and CSS. Currently helping build an exciting new AR project on Android and iOS using Flutter.

Rihards Jukna (him)

I am a student of Founders and Coders. I am currently working on a tech project. I would like to share the knowledge with others.

Skills: Git javascript html css

Alex Drummond (he/him)

I really enjoy mentoring people who are learning to code and talking to them about their projects. I currently work as a full-stack web developer at WhiteHat. Previously I had an academic career, including a fair amount of university teaching experience.

Skills: python SQL Elixir Haskell javascript html css

Ben Foxall (he/him)

I'd love to help coach people on learning JS & React, or other frontend dev. I've never been part of codebar, though I've helped out at a few meetups, hack-days & training events.

Skills: javascript node React TypeScript html css

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