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Jeremy Dolan (him/his)

I've been a pro developer for a decade. Worked in WordPress and now in Typo3 as a PHP backend developer. I'd like to pass on some skills to those who'd like to learn. I've always been interested in building things and I've always enjoyed coaching.

skills: Typo3 CSS/Sass Linux MySql wordpress php javascript html

Daniel Gillespie (he/his)

I am a Web Developer for the Edinburgh University Business School. I co-organise the Edinburgh codebar chapter.

skills: Drupal node.js wordpress React javascript html css

Kate Preston

I'm a junior software developer working in Edinburgh

Leare Song (she)

java, react, react native

Joe Lamy (he)

Work with ruby, ruby on rails and javascript. I want to help others building confidence in their ability to program. I got into coding through a bootcamp and can completely relate to what it is like to start learning code for the first time.

Rupert Redington (he/his/they)

I've taught some javascript in the past and am comfortable with it.

Michael Roger

I started my career in tech on the back of a coding bootcamp in 2015 and now with several years experience in the industry would like the chance to help others looking to learn and develop the same sort of skills.

skills: nodejs Angular TypeScript React javascript html css

Mariusz Zarzycki (he/him)

There is so much to learn from everyone. I can't wait to meet fellow developers from all paths of life. I'd love to teach people about web freelancing, self-teaching and adapting to this ever-changing tech environment.

William Hollacsek

Looking to mentor aspiring developer. Currently startup CTO.

Ben Eskola (He/him)

I’m a Ruby developer and also know some Python and a little Javascript, along with shell/bash and other Unix/Linux stuff. I’d like to help people learn to code.

skills: Git bash python ruby

Luca Gesmundo (He)

Javascript, react, nodejs, emberjs

Helen Brockelbank (she/her)

Freelance front end web developer in Brighton.

Alex Bass (he/him)

I'm a front-end developer (React apps, css, etc) from the UK, living in Barcelona for 2 yrs. I want to help and share what I know :-)

skills: node.js MongoDB MySql Redux React javascript css

Dan Nuttall

I'm a Software Engineer at BBC Research and Development.

Colin Tindle (he/him)

I'm a frontend web developer with knowledge of Javascript (especially with React), TypeScript and CSS. Also a keen problem-solver, so happy to help out with any kind of code to be fair.

skills: Angular AngularJS TypeScript Go React scss javascript css

Lionel Rowe (he/him)

Love coding, love to teach and learn. Currently: freelance full-stack web dev; previously: account manager in localization industry. Tech bg mainly in JavaScript and Ruby.

Emilie Lima Schario

Python- Currently Data at GitLab (R, Python, SQL)

Nick Rupp (he/him)

I learnt coding at makers academy March 2017, I would love to use what I've learnt since then to coach, help and teach anyone. I work mainly in javascript, manage a team at work and have been a mentor for a makers student in the past.

skills: server management MongoDB c# node React javascript

Mari-Ann Shafia (she/her)

Front End Engineer @ GoCo. Passionate advocated for diversity in tech feel free to speak to me about coding, women in tech, getting into tech and mentoring.

skills: React javascript ruby html css

Matthew Keller (he/him/his)

Full-time programmer looking to give a little back.

Kevin McCarthy

I'd like to help people learn to code by creating a safe environment. I have experience with coaching and training from my time at Amazon where I was a coach, trainer and Instructional Designer. Currently working as a developer at AND Digital.

skills: Ruby on Rails TDD javascript ruby html css

Jack Bridger

Looking to learn how to be a better coach and improve JavaScript

Robert Purcea (he)

mid front end end, mainly javascript

Lawrence Sarpong

I mainly write in JavaScript for web development. I am currently on founders and coders full stack web development bootcamp. I have interests in Blockchain technology and augmented reality. I think they both can make a positive impact in the lives we live

skills: TypeScript node React SQL javascript html css

Calum Ryan (he/his)

I'm a qualified IAAP accessibility specialist working at dxw with over ten years industry experience in web development. I care about user experience design and making the web a much nicer, accessible place for everyone.

skills: VueJs a11y javascript html css

Jonathan Morgan-Jones (He/Him)

I'm an irregular coder, with a background in systems administration. I'm freelance web developer with 30 years in IT, 15 of which has included IT support.

skills: Coding [PHP; visual basic; javascript] IT support IT history

Pitt Pauly (he/him)

I strive to make the web more inclusive and a safe place for everyone! If we want to inspire positive change in the world, we need to take action - learning to code is a great way to take control of our experiences with technology and the web.

skills: web development HTML/CSS Linux Commandline some 3D graphics with Three.js TypeScript React javascript

Isabel Serván (she)

Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer: with more than eight years experience, delivering delicate interfaces, I have a broad understanding of the open web technologies. Using agile methodologies as Scrum and following User-Centered Design guidelines.

Ellie Wem

I currently work at Rainbird in Norwich and have worked in tech for about a year after completing a boot-camp coding course called Makers Academy. I want to pass on the knowledge I've gained and inspire other people to make things.

skills: python javascript ruby html css

Kylo Robinson (He)

I am a front end developer, most interested in JavaScript. I can teach beginners vanilla js, and react js. I work in a university environment and enjoy teaching others, as well as learning from tricky questions!

skills: React javascript

Conor Cussell (Mr)

Front end developer mainly working with HTML, CSS, React, GraphQL

skills: GraphQL node javascript html css

Jordan Davidson (he)

I work as a TA at Codeclan

Pedro Tavares

Animation, performance, accesibility, interactivity, WebGL

Matt Bramley (he/him)

Lead software engineer at the BGL Group. I enjoy mentoring and coaching within my team. I've given a couple of lightening talks at BGL's tech conference, Meta. Would be great to get involved in some coaching/pairing/collective learning.

skills: ASP.NET WebAPI WPF agile people management TDD c# SQL

irina iskrenova (she)

in love with all js related, full-stack wannabe

Trey Arnold (he/him)

I enjoy teaching and helping others. People with a different background than me will look at a problem differently and see an opportunity I may have missed. Helping people with different backgrounds learn to code helps us all

skills: AWS GraphQL MongoDB MySql React Native node React javascript html css

Mo Moosa

Freelance iOS developer in London, happy to help!

Jack McGregor (he)

A former engineering instructor at Sparta running 13-week long courses. now working as a fullstack JS developer. Most comfortable in HTML/CSS/JS/Ruby but good at explaining more complex server side concepts too

Andrew Fiorillo (he/him/his)

I would like to offer programming instruction to people who are interested to learn. I previously worked as a seasonal programming teacher for five years. My classes were generally with 7-12 year olds, though I instructed teenagers and adults also.

Sian Richards (she/her)

Working as a Front-End Developer using React.js/React.ts and Redux.

Emmy Leadley (she/her)

In 2017, I took CodeClan's software development course and I'm now working as a software developer for BJSS in Glasgow.

skills: javascript ruby java html css

Louie Christie (he/him)

Software developer. Computer science graduate. Web development bootcamp graduate. Experienced in coaching junior developers at work, and coaching children in youth clubs and summer camps. Experienced at public speaking, in stand-up comedy clubs mostly.

skills: React Native React javascript html css

Javier Quinto Albero (He)

I want to colaborate as a coach in "Codebar" to give someone another stone to put his/her foot in that path they are building in their lives. I can help them with a bit of my knowlege in technologies like sql, programming, etcetera.

Ryan Foster (he/him)

I've been doing software development since I was in third grade. I've worked professionally as a software engineer for about 10 years, doing C#, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, and a handful of other languages and technologies. I enjoy helping others learn.

Evie Skinner (She/'err)

Hiya coders! I'm a C# developer with experience in the financial services industry. I was bootcamp-trained at Sparta Global and used to be a student at Codebar. I can help you with .Net Core, Vue, testing, interview preparation, CV tips, and more :->

skills: test engineering BDD TDD SSIS c# SQL javascript ruby html css Vue

Vincent Abruzzo (he)

I want to work on helping anyone learn to code. I've been working as a programmer forever, mostly web development but not limited to it. I used to work in academia (philosophy and cognitive science) and love teaching. I taught code at General Assembly.

Annabel Kramer (she/her)

I am a Data Scientist at snap40 in Edinburgh and studied AI and NLP at University of Edinburgh. Mainly work in Python, learning more about distributed computing. Would love to inspire more diversity in tech roles!

Lisa St. John (she/her)

I'd like to see if I can help mentor students. I am a professional software engineer, and would like to see more women in tech.

Javier Sanchez

I am a .Net Developer and Agile lover. I am looking forward to exchange my knowledge and learn from the others :)

Alexis Lui

I want to mentor students on html, css, node js and vanilla js. I've just completed an 8 week bootcamp at founders and coders and would love to share my knowledge with someone who would really benefit from good mentoring/ coaching.

Iain Bean (he/him)

I'm a developer at Electric Putty in Hove. I like being creative with JavaScript and CSS.

Aisha nasir (She)

full 🥞 🕸 dev

skills: node javascript

Benjamin Hammerich

Done different things in the past. Engineering, consulting, programming. But always loving Python.

Trys Mudford

HTML & CSS, JS, PWA’s, Vue.js, React and static sites!

Daniel Lough

Hi I'm Dan! I am currently working as a Junior Application Developer at the LEGO Group. I work with JavaScript building our Shop Application.

skills: React javascript html css

Imogen Hardy (she)

I'm a bootcamp grad and full stack Javascript developer. I enjoy teaching because it's the best way to learn, and I'm passionate about helping other marginalised people break into the industry.

skills: node React javascript ruby html css Vue

Andrei Pilui (somebody)

full-stack web developer/designer

skills: UX/UI gamedesign html css JS

Jonathan Evans (he/him)

Software engineer with experience in Python and JavaScript, currently working to build the team and product at TravelLocal. I'm hoping to be able to help and support some new developers as they make inroads into the world of software engineering.

Felix Jarrey (he/him)

I have been working as a backend .Net developer for about 6 years now for a range of companies, spanning from finance software to E-Commerce websites. I currently work for Good Energy as part of the mobile development team serving the app data via an API.

skills: c# VB .NET SQL javascript html css

Steve Burtenshaw (he/him/they)

I'm a Javascript developer working mainly on web project. I have experience in React, Node, React Native and also hardware things (Arduino, IOT). I've not done any code teaching before but I would love to get involved in this amazing project somehow!

skills: React Native arduino Processing sass Express wordpress node React javascript html css

Guy Bushnell (he)

I'd like to help people get into writing code. I have a degree in computer science from UEA (1990) and am a director of a software company based in Norwich. I still have a love of coding and want to use some of my knowledge to assist others.

James Stone (he/him)

Senior Software Developer at Futurice in Helsinki. I speak at local meetups, have a youtube channel, and podcast called composing code (music + code). Check my twitter link for details. English Native, Intermediate French, Basic Finnish and Russian.

skills: TypeScript ES6 design Design Systems Redux React python javascript

William Daly

I do java, Javascript (Angular), HTML, CSS, NoSQL (MarkLogic), SQL, Bash... list goes on. I'm looking to mentor.

Tom Wyllie (He / Him)

Software developer and enthusiast, information engineer, love learning and helping others learn.

skills: data science machine learning speech recognition music information retrieval python javascript html css

Jess Pumphrey (They)

As a senior software engineer at Microsoft, I'm an android developer on the SwiftKey keyboard. My main skills are java and android, leadership, planning, etc, and bits of python, kotlin, html, some haskell and javascript.

skills: kotlin Android Go golang ipython jupyter basic python (no frameworks) basic JS (no frameworks) java

Will Howes (he/him)

I am a recent graduate of the Makers Academy bootcamp. I would be able to help beginners with writing very basic programs. I could also help those who want to learn TDD. Languages I'm comfortable with: Ruby and Javascript I have also used Python

skills: Ruby-on-Rails JavaScript (a little) Python (a little) HTML (a little) and CSS (a little) ruby

Reuben Thomas (he/him)

Graduated the founders and coders bootcamp last year, and have since taken up a few freelance react jobs. Comfortable mentoring JavaScript, Node and React.

skills: node React PostgreSQL javascript

Pat Graczyk (She)

Learning from scratch, a total beginner!

Steve Bradshaw

Professional developer with 20 years experience

Joshua Brown (he/his)

A web developer for 10 years, I have previously volunteered with Railsbridge. I believe in this industry and the jobs it provides to be a force for change.

Sam Artuso

I'm a Javascript developer with a long commercial experience.

Angela Norris (She)

I would like to be a coach at I am a recent Georgia Tech Full Stack Flex Boot Camp graduate and before that I taught high chemistry for 13 years. I love coding as much as chemistry and enjoying helping others by teaching.

Dave Swift

I graduated from a web development bootcamp in 2017. Since then I have worked as a software engineer using a range of technologies including the Rails and Ionic frameworks.

skills: rails SQL ruby html

Katia Panter (she/her)

I used to teach Computer Science at A-level and am now trying to start a career in tech.

skills: python ruby html css JS

Tristan Brookes (he/him/they)

Front-end developer at Wild Dog in Brighton. I really enjoy working with HTML, CSS and JS and making things look pretty than the more data-y stuff. I look forward to helping out people that need it, sharing my skills and meeting people.

skills: scss php html css JS

Aaron Cohen (he)

i've enjoyed mentoring people in the past and believe the secret to diversity in tech is growing it.

skills: javascript Perl ruby java c++ cs fundamentals

Sara De Clara (she/her)

Modern Web Development, React, JavaScript, Serverless, AWS, Firebase

Sergi Tantinya (he)

I've recently moved from London, where I lived for 6yrs. I've always wanted to contribute to the the web industry and Codebar seems the perfect opportunity. Still consider myself a junior in many areas and I want to help other people join the industry.

skills: html css JS Vue

Becky Waterfield (she)

Linguist interested in learning to code with a view of working either in online language learning platforms or TTS technology etc. I've done a bit of Java (why did I start with that?!) and Ruby on Codecademy.

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