Here you can find a list of the 2777 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Kriszta Matyi (she/her)

Product designer turned full-stack web developer familiar with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML & CSS. Currently working as a front-end developer at a digital agency in London.

Skills: javascript ruby html css Git

Julian Krispel-Samsel (he)

I'm first and foremost a frontend guy with a background in Arts & design (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) but have plenty backend experience (with rails, node.js and many other languages/platforms, some obscure, some not so much).

Jairo Diaz

I am a ruby on rails developer, volunteer coach and table tennis player.

Ivan Bakalov

Full-stack web developer and machine learning fanatic.

Skills: Three.JS TensorFlow Containerisation Agile/XP methodologies BDD DDD AngularJS django Ruby on Rails ruby TDD javascript python

Andrew Clarke Clarke

I help out with LNUG and have mentored at the NodeTogether event recently. I'd like to improve my mentoring skills.

Skills: CI devops node.js Git bash javascript

Phyo Wai Win

A software developer working at Shutl

Chris Holmes

Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting interested in learning, teaching and improving.

Abhi Chugh (he)

Full-stack software developer working in finance - although more familiar with server-side/back-end work than UI/front-end.

Skills: ASP.NET AngularJS WPF WCF WebAPI OWIN c# .NET java SQL javascript

Jon Pepler

Computer Science graduate from the University of Southampton. Have been working at @Ubxd since. I love sharing programming skills with others.

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby java html css python

Daniel Quinn

I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 22 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

Skills: django Linux devops Git python

Jamie Derrick (He)

It would be great to help the community by sharing my skills and knowledge. I've managed development teams and developed websites and applications in PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc etc. I'm now growing a small web agency.

Tam Borine

I'm software developer at Thoughtworks currently on sabbatical doing a project using computer vision to segment unseen flooded areas. Can help coach Python, Javascript and other high level languages.

Felix Rodriguez (He)

Intro to Docker

Graham Hay

polyglot dev. "full stack".

Skills: Erlang c# golang ruby javascript python

Luke Murphy (He)

Hey! I am trying to get my girlfriend to one of these events after I met one of the organizers at a screening of CODE in Berlin. So, I thought maybe I could be a coach and then she would have to come. I worked as a Python programmer since 3 years.

Skills: GNU/Linux Haskell Git python

Adam Smith

I'm an experienced iOS developer for a lighting company in Brighton I have a background in Java, Android and eating cake. I enjoy teaching and I'm looking forward to passing on some skills!

Skills: iOS Android java SQL html

Henrik Gyllensvärd

Got a master's degree in Computer Science 2014 at from Lund University and have worked as an Android Engineer since.

Skills: Android

Campbell Allen

Help the people write the codez

Shaun A. Noordin

If you want to learn about web development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc) or just coding in general, then I'm happy to help! I'm a web/front-end developer by profession, but I'm really just honing my coding skills so I can make video games.

Skills: Video Games c# .NET javascript html css React

Simone Duca (he/him)

I'm a frontend dev at the Zooniverse.

Ioanna Lampropoulou Lampropoulou (she)

This is Ioanna!!!

Skills: TypeScript Git javascript html css React

Shariff Inayat

Been a web developer for 10 years, doing both front-end and back-end. Happy to introduce more awesome people to this industry.

Skills: node.js Databases TDD Git javascript html css python

Nick Smith (He)

I'm a Django dev

Sam Mason (he/him)

I'd like to share my interest in computers with those who would otherwise be unlikely to experience how useful code can be. I've been doing software/computer related things for a variety of commercial, academic and voluntary organisations.

Skills: PostgreSQL c++ c Git javascript html css python

Matt Button

Tallish chap. I sing cheesy 80s songs, and I'm terrible with names.

Jacques Coney

Front-end Developer at M&S

mary newing (she)

i have a degree in computer science and lots of years of experience a professional developer. My current fav tech is PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS

Rylan Gooch

Recent graduate of Makers Academy, where I learnt how beneficial pairing and coaching can be as a way of compounding knowledge. I'm keen to give back to the developer community.

Skills: OOP ruby javascript

Tom Stuart (He/His)

Security Engineer at Monzo. Graduated from Makers Academy.

Skills: golang Security infrastructure node JS

Egga Hartung (she)

I'm all about quality in software development. Did all the things, been in all the places. I love to make people smile.

Skills: agile Refactoring Software-Architecture Quality Code TDD

Olivier Laviale (he)

Hi, I had nice speech, but it didn't fit so here it is:

Raimo Radczewski (he/him)

I'm an organizer at the Berlin Software Crafters Community and love to support people getting into tech. I've been a workshop trainer in the past, mostly JavaScript and XP-Methods. I'm a calm and patient person when I'm teaching. Would love to help

Sergio Sola (he)

I am developer with extensive experience working with PHP and Python.

Tom Johnson (he)

I'm an experienced full-stack developer. I attended Founders and Coders and have been working in a few roles since then.

Simon Chettle

First time coach, senior software engineer, most experience in PHP, but also general web development and devops

Ralph Saunders

I'm interested in getting people experimenting with JavaScript, Canvas, and other visual interactive aspects of web technologies. I'm a seasoned front-end developer for Redweb – an industry leading digital agency. I also write for Web Designer Magazine

Skills: Jasmine Karma Gulp Flask Codeigniter Angular javascript html css

Tim Chipperfield (he/him)

I'd love to be a coach. I'm a recent graduate from Makers Academy and I'm looking to solidify some of my existing skills by helping others to learn them.

Michael Robinson

Attended uncodebar in October. I'd like to help others learn python and encourage diversity in the tech community. I particularly enjoy open source projects relating to data mining.

Xavier Cambar (he)

I'm a lead software engineer working on business applications at PeopleDoc. I'll happily teach HTML/CSS/JS to the students. I once used to be a teacher, for 2 years at SupDeWeb, Paris, and I've been an engineering/project manager for the past 4 years.

Skills: JS Elixir Design patterns OOP FP php ruby html css

Garrett Coakley (he/him)

I've been in some form of web development for nearly 20 years and enjoy giving back and helping others learn.

Skills: user experience information architecture php javascript html css python

Jake Howard

Apprentice software developer at Dabapps.

Jake Smith (He, Him, Jake, Sid)

I'm an app designer / developer for DabApps. Javascript / CSS ninja.

Skills: Angular Less Npm canvas animation Processing sass node javascript css React

Maf'j Alvarez

I'm a front end developer and ux designer - a small NGO in Brighton. I've just finished an MA in Digital Media Arts at Brighton Uni and my dissertation focused on female digital artists and their relationship with code. I'd like to help out!

Amal Kakaiya (him/he)

I want to help introduce and encourage people to get into the industry that I love! I work as a mobile developer at a tech startup and have a degree in Comp Sci. Coding can be difficult as times, but when it works, it's so rewarding.

Skills: Android React.js php java javascript

Henry Stanley

Rubyist and Makers Academy alum, now working on cloud things at Pivotal. Was a biochemist in a former life.

Skills: xp ruby TDD Git javascript html css

Mathilda Thompson

I really enjoy helping people learn programming skills that are fundamental in todays world. I was previously a teacher at General Assembly and now work at ThoughtWorks.

Lucy Oliphant

Improving my JavaScript skills ideally. I would like to work on basic JavaScript projects or exercises.

Lucy Fang

Software Engineer, Yogi and ThoughtWorker into experimenting with new technologies and learning with others. skills: ruby, javascript, java, clojure,

Lorin Thwaits

I've been teaching and coding for 17 years now, and really love it.

Skills: node rails SQL javascript

Temitope O. Ajileye (He)

I have a year of experience in a software company in oxford. (C#, JavaScript, Sql ) I'd like to help as coach if needed.

Jake Wright (he/him)

Computer Science graduate and Software Developer at graze.

Jag Reehal

I'm a developer in Cambridge who has experience in developing responsive apps.

Tim Robertson

In the near future I'd like to help others as a coach :)

amy yang (her )

I was first introduced to coding via codebar almost a year ago. Now I am working as a junior dev, writing code and learning / growing everyday. I want to help other people to do the same.

Skills: gitflow pair programming ruby TDD javascript

Zhivko Siderov

I am a Front-end Developer, familiar with Javascript, Html, CSS, React.

James Gorrie

I have worked volunteering and teaching tech for the past few years to absolute beginners to programmers just trying to fill in the blanks or up their knowledge in a certain field.

Marty Gormley

Front End Developer (JavaScript, HTML & CSS). Previously I organised events for LGBTQ+ individuals in tech in Berlin

Luke Fribbens

Being a coach

Lee Jordan

I'm a front end web developer who has worked for lovefilm, amazon and The web development community is great at sharing knowledge and expertise and I enjoy doing the same.

Will Pillar

Lead PHP Developer @

Jeremy Keith (he/him/they)

I like to teach HTML and CSS.

Skills: javascript html css

Tijmen Brommet

I'm a Ruby developer at the Government Digital Service.

Steffen Schwark

Experienced software engineer. Always happy to help.

Skills: ruby rails javascript html css

Simon Adcock

I'm a Front End Engineer in love with web technologies, open source projects and web performance. Big fan of JavaScript, especially digging React and Redux at the moment.

Skills: CSS / SCSS javascript html React

Marco Steffensky

I want to support anyone who's interested in learning how to code!

Burhan Ali (he/him)

I have been a software developer for almost twenty years and have mentored a number of junior and mid-level developers in that time. I am very interested in improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, which draws me to codebar.

Skills: c pl/sql Go php ruby Git java SQL javascript html css python

Charlie Allen

After going through a Web Development bootcamp at the end of 2015 I started working as a Developer in early 2016. I'm still new and learning, but really enjoy helping others to learn as well!

Skills: sass Ruby on Rails ruby html css

Vanessa Virgitti (she)

A Makers Academy graduate, still looking to learn more and improve. Working mostly in Javascript at the moment but keen to expand my knowledge on anything!

Umar Farouk Umar (His highness)

I'd like to teach programming and the art of thinking functiaonlly. I am an Engineering Team Lead at DueDil and on a daily basis work with a spectrum of technologies and stacks - ranging from python & php to html & CSS.

Skills: php java html css python

David Wickes

Graduate of Makers Academy, developer at Mergermarket

Skills: Lisp ruby SQL javascript html css

Dan Hart

Full stack lead developer at uSwitch. Working with Clojure, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node and most things in AWS.

Rebecca Appleyard

I am a developer who enjoys working in Ruby and JavaScript. I am a work for the Parliamentary Digital Service and I am keen to help other people learn to code too!

Fabrizio Colonna

I'm a sysadmin, a developer and i've also done teaching and tutoring in the past. I'd like to participate in more social activities, learn new things and share my knowledge

Denise Yu (she/her)

nodeJS developer who wants to dockerize all the things

Skills: node ruby dogescript TDD docker heroku Git rails bash javascript

Dominic Shahbazi (He/Him)

I am currently working as a junior software engineer at N26 bank. I specialise in Java, with my experience based around backend development.

Adrian Redgers (Mr)

I can teach Java, SQL & Maths. I have trained and practised as a coach / mentor / class teacher in a girls school in West London.

Skills: java SQL Mathematics

Ruth Earle

I hav just completed the 12 week immersive web development course with Makers Academy. I am now in search of the right company to start my career in solving real world problems by building awesome software.

Erika Jonikaite

I am interesting in learning new programming concepts as well as sharing the knowledge that I already have with others.

Jamie Webb (He/him)

Software developer at The Guardian.

Skills: javascript html css React python

Lucy GG (she/her)

Industrial Engineering Student

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