Here you can find a list of the 2600 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Gregor Weber (He)

Coding for around 9 years, mostly as a web developer. Currently working for Mozilla.

skills: rails php clojure Redux ruby c# java javascript SQL React python

Emily Bertwistle (she/her)

I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer, always keen to learn new things :)

skills: node.js javascript html css

Paul-Lewis Nunn (he/him)

I am a C# and Javascript developer with experience in several frameworks and development methodologies. I have delivered multiple training and coaching courses in the past.

Patrick Pilgrim (He)

I love helping others and explaining code helps me solidify everything I'm learning.

skills: Responsive Website Development rails php ruby javascript html css React

anna tloth (she/her)

HTML, CSS, JS, React party

Glenn Wolfschoon (he/him/his)

Panama > Madrid > Barcelona / L[G]BT / Talk to me in: ES/EN/FR/DE

skills: c backend java python

Lotte Stockmans (She)

I am a student applied computer science with specialisation programming in Java and C# however I can do Angular, CSS, HTML, ... aswell so hopefully I can teach some people a little more

Russell Howe (he/him)

I've led infrastructure teams for over 10 years as well as some software development and testing. I can teach about refactoring, testing and infrastructure (from physical to cloud, networking, Linux, etc.). Currently at GDS.

Danni Youziel (She)

I current

skills: TDD javascript

Saira Hussain Hussain (she/her)

I start an initiative back in Pakistan to introduce female middle schoolers to the world of coding and would love to continue doing that now that I have moved to London.

skills: Go java

Charlie Strange (He/Him/They)

Having had experience in IT at many levels, I'm currently settled in web development (PHP/JS) in the Tech-for-Good sector. I'd like a crack at supporting and assisting new coders.

skills: PHP (Laravel) JS (ReactJS Vue.JS) sysadmin Agile development SQL

Kate O'Brien (she)

I'm still quite new to coding even though, I've built quite a few things. I feel like I'm tinkering with code rather than actually writing it.

Peter Trizuliak (He)

Happy to help with JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS or Node.js

skills: node.js javascript html css React

Robert Tyree (he)

Most experienced in vanilla JavaScript, with a few React projects under my belt. I'd be happy to help with HTML5, CSS/Sass or jQuery too! I've taught English to international university students, so I'm quite comfortable guiding learners.

Oliver De Sousa (He)

Looking to help new coders with Ruby, SQL, JavaScript and React and in the process, learn something new myself too.

Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

skills: javascript html css

Luca Nioi (he/him)

if you haven't watched the HBO miniseries Chernobyl, I strongly recommend you to do so

skills: OOP Functional Scala clojure ruby java javascript html css

Lukasz Szczesiak (he/him/his)

I'm multi-language, multi-paradigm programmer; proficient in Python, JavaScript, with experience in Scala/JVM, and C#/.NET. I've worked on both Windows, and Unix platforms. I'm also running a CoderDojo for kids, using Scratch.

skills: codewars javascript React python

Oli Wennell (he/his)

Looking to help others learn the fun of programming

Camille Fenton (she/her)

Developer at Talis, working on web apps for education. Happy to coach on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, command line and version control

Shane Bough (he)

Been a software developer, manager and architect with ADP since 1997 and hoping to get involved in some coaching.

skills: php c# SQL html css JS

Andrew Beveridge (he/him)

Engineering manager with a long history in software development (mostly web tech, a few apps), now Head of SRE at Cloudreach - happy to help in any way I can with technical or non-technical advice / mentoring!

Steve Honeyman

I’m a front-end developer and designer with a passion for web standards, layout, typography and graphics. I believe that anyone and everyone should be able to code and that building sites should be easy and fun.

Caroline Hatwell

I am a Software Engineer at Co-op Digital. I've worked with a few stacks now, but I am mostly a Javascript/Python developer. I became an engineer after attending a bootcamp in 2017, and I love encouraging other new programmers

Mohnish G J

A programmer who cares about his craft. Blogger. One could find out more about me via .

Jacob Castello (he/his/him)

Mentors and coaching have helped me tremendously in my career. I'm a DevOps engineer who has worked on and built Python tools and apps. I'd like to give back to people outside my usual circles.

Sam Plews

I'm a developer mainly working with front end stuff. I enjoy explaining things as I learn more in the process.

skills: nodejs Git javascript html JS React

Konstantinos Pavlou (he/him)

I am a software engineer with almost 5 years experience in C#, backend (C#, MS SQL heavily involved) and frontend with web-based apps (HTML, JS involved). Also a certified SCRUM Master. I would be happy to assist others in similar technologies.

Russell Howe (he)

I've mostly worked on infrastructure-level things but have done a fair bit of Java and ruby dev too.

skills: cloud things c Linux ruby java

Lewis Boughtwood

I spent ~5 years working with C#, SQL and Java but have now moved into more of a management role. Looking to get more involved in the tech side of things again!

Anne-Sophie M (she)

I've been a data science/data engineering student (online + on-the-job learning) from December 2017.

skills: machine learning SQL python

Juha-Matti Santala (he/him)

I've been teaching 500+ people to learn programming in Uni Turku, Aalto University, Rails Girls, Django Girls, Boost Summer of Programming, mehackit, codebar and Koodimentori courses/workshops. I currently work as a developer advocate at Futurice.

skills: Vue frontend bash backend Redux ruby Git javascript SQL html css React python

Amber Wilson (she/her)

HTML/CSS/JS and everything around & in between!

skills: Humour Sleeping javascript html css

Katherine Spice (she/her)

I started my career in 2000 as a webmaster (aka jack of all trades!) programming in Perl, up to my most recent job as a CTO. I really enjoy helping people from all backgrounds understand technical concepts.

Tom Butterwith (he/him)

I'm a senior software developer at Skyscanner in Edinburgh. I like all things software development and consider myself full stack. I'm currently the lead instructor for the EDI Autumn Code First:Girls class Autumn 18.

skills: distributed systems java JS React python

William Frankish (he/him)

Full stack developer at Oxford Computer Consultants. [email protected] is also me.

skills: TypeScript python (if necessary) java (if necessary) c# javascript html css React

Cassie Evans (she/her)

Developer at clearleft, organiser of codebar Brighton

skills: web animation GSAP svg html css

Dovydas Zulkus (he)

Currently, a student at UCP graduating in September 2019.

Lori King (she, her)

I like building stuff and vegan ice cream.

skills: Python (including pytest framework pandas Numpy) kotlin java

Samatar Axmed

Student at Founders and Coders.

Adam Lee

I'm a full-stack developer at Edelman with 2 years experience over a mix of front- and back-end languages and frameworks.

skills: php html css JS node

Stuart Nelson

I'm a front-end developer based in Bath. Currently working at a little agency where I help 3 other Devs. I love my job but feel I should be doing more to help others.

Major A Sapp III (He)

Full stack web developer, teacher, tutor, coach, mentor.

Naz Ezeonyebuchi

I've been a software engineer for close to 8 years. Being a self-taught software developer, I believe that anyone has the ability to learn how to code, and I would like to support new/less experienced developers learn/ improve their development skills.

skills: backend development AWS etc. spring java

Kirsty Hames

Senior Front End Developer for a Learning technology company. Mainly working with the Adapt framework specialising in responsive design and user experience. I come from a background of design but I've been coding for 6 years now.

skills: Less accessibility html css

Alex Blackman

Help people learn to code

skills: sass markdown svg javascript html css

Niall Coleman-Clarke (he/him)

21 year old studying computer science: artificial intelligence at the university of sussex. I have been programming since I was 16 and I love it!

skills: Lua javascript python

Michelle Steele (She/her)

Dotnet / JS / Ruby full stack developer at Avalara.

skills: TDD HTML/CSS Dotnet/C# ruby Git javascript React

Peter West

html, css, js

Neil Lyons

I can help students with python, bash, html, css, elm

skills: bash Elm html css python

Ryan Cutter

Application engineer and UX designer with over 13 years professional experience. Currently working at LEGO. A strong understanding of javascript, css and php, alongside years of experience with many other technologies and areas of digital marketing

Ben Parsons

Currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook. Developer for 10+ years. Mostly web, front-end/backend, some Android.

Xurxe Toivo García (He/him/his)

I’m a Junior Web Developer at Integrify. I can teach all levels of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript for beginners.

skills: javascript html css

Matteo Belfiore

Front-end developer with a 7 years’ experience working building UIs and digital interactive experiences. I favour semantically structured markup, accessibility, CSS, and JS. I'd love to give back part of what I learned so far, and learn new things too.

Helen Zhou (She/her)

Front End Developer, currently working at Ticketmaster. Graduate of Founders and Coders boot camp (FAC13), and twice winner of the NHS Hackathon! Also really enjoy mentoring.

skills: React Native ES6 React.js Redux Git javascript html css node

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

skills: ruby Git javascript html css

Evelyn Utterson (she/her)

I'm a Software Developer and Digital Coach based in Edinburgh. I'm interested in helping others get started and progress their careers in tech.

skills: Ruby on Rails ReactJS HTML5 ruby javascript css

Adiya Mohr (they/them)

I am currently working as a frontend engineer. I have been coding for the past two years and attended Codebar as a student <3

James Thomas (he/him)

I am a self-taught programmer with a good knowledge of web tech, JavaScript, Python, and other languages. I am now doing a masters in computer science at Birmingham University, and have experience volunteering as a tutor in the tech sector in Edinburgh.

Andrew Perry (he)

I already enjoy mentoring people within scouting but I have had limited opportunities to mentor people in technical matters. Electronic Engineering background, now a Cloud Engineer and have done some frontend, so a jack of most trades

Frederic Marx

I am a web designer and front-end developer who loves CSS

Jose Salguero (he/him)

I'd love to share/learn/help with web development

skills: Ember Software Development software architecture javascript React

Dylan Nelson

I'm relatively new to programming (2–3 years), but I've already seen how collaboration is far more valuable than any technical skills applied in isolation.

Upul Dissanayaka (he/him/his)

I graduated from CodeClan. I work as a software developer at WhisperClaims.

skills: ruby javascript

Ben Anderman (he/him)

I'm self-taught, and have worked professionally as a software engineer for 7 years, focusing on iOS most recently, but a mix of a lot of things in the past. I'd like to help others get into software!

Dominika Malinowska (she/her)

Graduate software engineer at Sky. Mainly working in Java but most of my personal projects are in JavaScript. Still finding my feet in software development but happy to help when I can.

skills: php java javascript html css

Danny Cooper (he/him)

Experienced in Python, Scala, Golang, Erlang, and Java in roughly that order, plus played around with Elm a bit. I'm interested in helping people develop their programming and explore the features of a language.

Essi Jukkala (she/her)

I have a M.Sc. (Tech) from Aalto University in Game Design and Production. Currently I am employed fulltime at Wondershop as a lead game developer. In addition to game development I am interested in computer graphics and computer networks.

skills: c unity Swift iOS clojure Xcode c++ Linux Git c#

Francesco Figari (he/him)

I've worked as a tutor and volunteered on web support forums, and I enjoy explaining coding and writing docs. With a workshop coming up at my workplace, it was time to sign up! I've worked on the web for 15yrs, and I'm comfortable with js/css/html/php/...

Dina Hafez (she)

Full stack developer who has a graphic design background and she decided to learn about web development so she started with being a self taught and then she enrolled in the immersive software engineering bootcamp at Flatiron School.

Dan Weatherill (he/his)

I am an experimental physicist whose software work is mainly in c++, but also heavily use python. I would be interested in helping with workshops on python / linux / git / embedded programming. Would also be interested in helping develop a c++ tutorial.

skills: c++ embedded Linux numerical computing hardware Git python

James Levine (He)

I changed career to coding a few years ago and have since been working as a Javascript, Node full-stack developer.

skills: javascript html css React node

Laura Gonzalez (she/her)

Hi! I'm a frontend developer by day but at night i love using code to build creative – sometimes useless, sometimes useful – things in my spare time.

skills: googling Photoshop sketch the app real sketching javascript html css

Nazar Hussain

I am an experienced developer, programmer and technical designer. I possess a strong programming and development background with knowledge of all aspects of overseeing and developing projects.

skills: nodejs web backend blockchain ruby

Euan Ramsay

I completed the CodeClan course in Edinburgh in January 2017 and have been working for the last two years with Registers of Scotland as a software developer, mainly in JS and Java. I am looking for opportunities to collaborate and teach coding.

skills: Riot Redux spring ruby Unix Command Line Git java javascript React python

Tom Atkinson (He)

DevOps stuff and data analysis and visualisation

skills: Html and CSS python

Stephen Charman (he/him)

Android engineer by trade, general nerd. Happy to support people looking to explore programming.

skills: Android kotlin Git c# java javascript html python

Roisin Farmer (she/her)

I am a Software Engineer working mainly with angularjs, Java and Oracle SQL. I'd like to get involved with coaching at codebar as meeting people making their first steps into development always gets me inspired to keep adding to my own personal learning.

skills: AngularJS java javascript SQL

H Maher (they/them)

Junior Full Stack Developer at NEVERBLAND London, coach at Codebar, openly queer (my pronouns are they/them), GitHub: @The-One-And-Only-H

skills: html css JS React jQuery node python

Sylvia Hoang (she)

I've been working solo for a while in learning react js and creating web and mobile applications and would love to delve into the world of ios app development!

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