Here you can find a list of the 2777 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Paulina Stypinska

I'm a full-stack developer, working with Javascript.

James Hunter (him)

Former web designer, current web developer, not quite as lost as I seem.

Jacob Savage (he/his)

I teach computer science and what to get more people into it.

Tom Bull (he / him / it)

I've been programming for 25 years - and teaching coding for more than ten.

Andrea Pigato

would-be entrepreneur, web dev, latest tech enthusiast and physicist

Gabrielle von Koss

I'd love to work with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and AngularJS. Having recently graduated from a 12-week development bootcamp has allowed me to work on a number of projects that are heavily based on these technologies, and I would love to share and learn!

Skills: AngularJS Ionic rails ruby javascript html css

Chris Lucas (he)

I'm interested in becoming a coach. I thought I'd try and get involved in the process of helping others to code. I've been coding with Python for around 5 years - four years as a researcher at CERN, and one for a startup in London. I also love teaching.

Laura Wilson

Product Engineer at Intercom.

Skills: React Native Ember React rails javascript html css

Stefan Buschmann

Interested in open source, computer graphics, games, and exciting development problems in general. My main programming languages and frameworks are C++, OpenGL, QML, and sometimes node.js. I work as a researcher and lecturer at Potsdam University.

Kyle Buttner

I've just graduated from Makers Academy and am excited to get involved as I've heard great things from other Makers students!

Erika Pheby

Javascript lover! Makers academy grad.

Nicholas Papacostas

Heyo! My name is Nick, I'm from New York and I just moved to London. I'm working as a software developer for The Guardian and am looking for ways to get involved in my local tech community. I've volunteer-taught programming before and would love to help!

Natalie Akam

Developer at Trainline and Makers Academy graduate

Skills: TDD ruby javascript html css

Ankoor Patel (Sir)

Hi! I'm a frontend developer, currently using React, Backbone, Handlebars etc,.

Skills: CV advice Backbone React javascript html css

Ptolemy Barnes

Developer-in-training, with a background in teaching. A student myself, I enjoy working with other students to discover simple solutions to difficult problems.

Alex Bokii (she/her)

I am a front-end developer at Oxford Computer Consultants where I build UI with HTML/CSS and Javascript. I started to work with web-technologies a few years ago, and I'd be happy to help people who are interested in this area to pick up new skills.

Skills: javascript html css

Tina Zhang

Hi, I'm currently a financial researcher and am thinking about doing a career change into software development. I heard about codebar at a silicon drinkabout event and can't wait to attend a workshop.

Pranath Fernando

I'm a web developer and i'm interested in becoming a coach for you. I really love the work you are doing to bring coding to people that are more under-represented in our industry.

Rosy Tucker

Software developer at ThoughtWorks, working with whatever languages come my way.

Skills: Mobile node JS React ruby html css Git

James Cox-Morton

I've been working professionally as a web developer for 8 years, most of that time split between Ruby and Javascript. I enjoy sharing the joy of coding and want to help make development a more inclusive and diverse field.

Josh Hill (he/him)

Learning how to learn. I enjoy people, stories and thoughtful discussions.

Skills: Go ruby javascript html css

Diana Castillo

Front-end developer at, eager to learn and willing to help others learning! :)

Skills: JS html css

Laurie Clark-Michalek (he/him)

Bit of everything really

Pete West (he/him)

I've been coaching with codebar for several years. I've also taught at a Code First Girls course. I've coached at free workshop and hack day events for 4 years.

Skills: php JS python ruby html css

Bonnie Appleton (she/her/they)

Developer at Photocrowd, working with Python, Django, HTML, CSS

Lorenzo Turrino (He/him)

I've attended a bootcamp some 5 years ago and switched career to be a software developer. In the years since I've worked in various roles across the stack. I've attended codebar in the past as a mentor and it was a great experience!

Skills: gcp Cloud docker devops AWS python javascript html Git

Mari-Ann Shafia (she/her)

Front End Engineer @ GoCo. Passionate advocated for diversity in tech feel free to speak to me about coding, women in tech, getting into tech and mentoring.

Skills: React ruby javascript html css

Geza Kiss

I am a software engineer.

Siri Loof

Mid-weight frontend developer at The Unit in Brighton. I started out as a student of Codebar so I'm excited to now coach others!

Skills: javascript html css

Stuart Quin (he)

I'm interested in helping out with teaching/training. I've previously helped out at Makers Academy and helped host an event for the Stemettes.

Cedric Kisema

Hello, I would like to support students in learning about the tools that make software development such a joy. I have over 4 years professional experience and enjoy making apps for fun! Look forward to teaching! Cedric

Guanglun Wu

Founder and managing director of Graphere, a technology and startup consultancy. Full-stack developer.

Jonathan Pickard

Ruby, JS and AngularJS.

Neil Lyons

I can help students with python, bash, html, css, elm

Skills: Elm bash python html css

Jozef Maxted

I'm interested in becoming a coach in the Brighton area. I currently work here: as a full stack web developer. Outside of work I have hundreds of side projects and experiments ( mostly unfinished! ) that I tweet about here @jozefmaxted

Jo Hornsby

Hello! I am j-ho! &:D And I am a Splunk Sustaining Engineer.

Skills: PowerShell c++ c# java python

Marcin Tiela

Software Engineer, working mostly with C/C++ some C# and python as well.

Skills: c c++ c# Linux windows clearcase Git

Mattia Spinelli

Im just curious about your organization. Right now i learning nodeJS

Tanya Powell (she/her)

Software Engineer at Gamesys, lover of reality TV and sprinkling a little magic wherever I go

Skills: C++ (if I remember how!) java javascript html css

Anthony Goodier

Self taught Front End Designer currently working at for some of the biggest names in sport including the Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup and the upcoming Premier League site.

Skills: Performance accessibility sass html css

Edmund King

I want to help teach people to code - an empowering and engrossing skill. Currently I work for, specializing in infrastructure automation and back-end development. I can teach python, ruby, lua, java, html & css basics, linux and more...

Daniel Easterman (he/him)

I am a front end developer at Bookatable and want to give something back by teaching others.

Skills: jQuery Ruby on Rails ruby javascript

Tatiana Soukiassian

I am a Junior Developer at Government Digital Service, working on I love Ruby!

Jay Eastaugh

Head of the software team at DC Storm, started there working primarily on UI and over the last 4 years have worked into my current position. I live with my Wife over in sunny Worthing, no pets and no children yet.

Shane Oston Stowe

Full stack developer, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript

Tom Phillips (He/him)

Senior Data Scientist at Fluidly

Skills: data analysis SQL python Git

Dan Brown (they)

I'm an engineer at Monzo, I like structures and different ways of thinking about computation and how to get computers to do more work for us, but not too much of the work.

Skills: Go bash AWS Databases SQL MySql PostgreSQL python ruby javascript

Tom Arnfeld (he/him)

I'm a young software engineer currently working at DueDil with a variety of experience from e-commerce to large scale data engineering. I've been very lucky to work with a selection of incredible people so far and would like to give something back :-)

Peter Fine

Data Scientist at 15gifts with a background in machine learning, experienced in Python, R, Java and Matlab, with some C++ and html/js

Oliver Caldwell (he/him)

I want to help teach others how to solve problems with technology. I've been building command line tools and things for the web since around 2011 using a plethora of languages and tools.

Skills: java clojure React python ruby javascript html css

Alastair Lockie (he/him)

JavaScript developer at Brandwatch

Skills: JS Backbone CSS (not expert but can get things done) Python (same) React html

Jim O'Brien (he/it)

I've always wanted to be a teacher - if my mum hadn't put me off the idea from a young age, I probably would be one now. Instead, I became a professional software engineer, but am now finding myself taking on more coaching/teaching responsibilities.

Mahmud Hussain

I am working with JavaScript and Java at the moment. Have ruby experience. I have used frameworks including Sinatra, Rails, Angular, node, dropwizard. I would like to spread the little knowledge that I have to help fellow coders

Evangelos Giataganas

Well organized, hard worker, technology efficient, responsible, trustful, programmer

Mike Steel (he/him)

Full stack JS + bookbinding

Skills: React ...vue? bookbinding javascript

Steven Kingston (he/him)

Signing up for Qubit Codebar event, should be able to help teach with HTML, JS, C# and Java

Kristian Knevitt (he)

Been working as a dev for 1.5years and looking to both help out some new devs just starting out and also help consolidate what I know by helping to teach others.

Jessie Shi

I am a director and front-end consultant. I enjoy share my knowledge and learning experience with others, I also enjoy learning.

Matt Sharp (He)

Budding software engineer. Currently studying at Web development bootcamp. Html, CSS, JavaScript, SAS, SQL, VBA.

Erce Kalabalikoglu (he)

i'm a makers academy graduate and interested in front end technologies. I can support people who are interested in coding

Bertram Greenhough (He/Him)

Coaching and Mentoring

Danielle Vass

Mobile developer

Makis Otman

Makers Academy alumni and currently a Software Craftsman at 8th Light. I enjoy helping others when I can as it also helps me learn more about my skills as a developer.

fareena hussain (she)

want to learn to code html css and animation video editing

Matthew Glover (he)

I'm a former lawyer and current student at Founders & Coders.

Skills: Node.js plus a bit of Ruby javascript html css

Maggie Allen

A bootcamp grad who wants to keep learning by teaching others. I love the tech community and I want to help it grow and to challenge the perception of women in tech. I've just graduated Makers Academy. I program in Ruby, Rails, and Javascript.

Maria Romero (she)

I just finished makers academy and I'm looking for an opportunity to practice what I have learned with others

Gabriel Perales

I'm a Spanish IT guy who has come to London to attend to a training course, and like to share my knowledge with people passionate with technology and who wants to learn about how to code. In the past I was working as a JavaScript developer :)

Olu Niyi-Awosusi (they/them)

Learnt javascript, node, d3, hapi and react at Founders and Coders. I like lists, stickers, markdown, Bee And PuppyCat and CSS.

Michael Baldry (he/his)

I've been developing software professionally since 2003, working with some household names as well as many small start ups. I'm mainly a Ruby/Rails developer these days and am keenly learning Elixir.

Skills: testing Elixir rails ruby

James Harries (he/him)

Been working as a dev since 2006 - I've worked on tons of different projects, across a bunch of different sectors with a variety of different languages. Currently working at Buyapowa in Farringdon, working on their referral marketing platform.

Adam Labi


Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

Skills: javascript html css

Caroline Green

Developer at GDS. I've been working in the industry for four years now since graduating with an MSc in Computer Science, after completing an MA in Psychology. It would be great to be able to share what I know.

Skills: python javascript css

Fergus Orbach

A recent graduate from Makers Academy looking to help out and pass on what knowledge I can

Skills: OO TDD ruby javascript

neil patel (he/him)

Self-taught web developer Currently Alexa Skills developer. Building voice-based applications. Would love to help out junior developers from diverse backgrounds.

Skills: rails HAML Bootstrap Alexa Skils heroku TDD ruby javascript html css Git

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

Skills: ruby javascript html css Git

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