Here you can find a list of the 2887 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Joe Wass (he)

Head of software dev at Crossref. Here to help get more diversity into software. I can help with programming, CV and interview practice.

Skills: beginner javascript kotlin java docker clojure python

Pedro Brochado

I'm a Senior Software Engineer ad Gousto and I'm happy in helping others in general :) I'm a full stack developer for a few years now, and I'm comfortable on several programming languages, frameworks, methodologies... More than glad to share.

Skills: TDD nodejs Angular Go SQL Vue AWS python ruby React javascript

Erica Calogero (she/her)

i would like to improve my CSS, learn more about front end web development, wordpress theme customization, shopify web development and anything else web development related.

Skills: MySql JS React

Idries Hamadi (he)

I'd like to be a coach. I've been a Software Engineering Professional for 22 years, working previously in the Video Games Industry and now in Big Tech. I've done a few coaching activities in the past.

Skills: JS/HTML (rusty) c++ java

Quinn Daley (they/them)

I'm a fullstack dev of about 18 years' industry experience. Being trans myself I want to do my part to help make our industry more attractive to people of all genders.

Skills: rails TDD Perl Shell scripting Regular Expressions devops vue.js Git docker Linux ruby html css javascript

Adam Romines (he/him)

I like all things JavaScript and have worked on Vue.js and Ember projects in the biotech and cybersecurity industries.

Javier Rojo (he, his)

Hello 👋🏻, I'm Javier and I'm from Buenos Aires, but living in Berlin for the last 6 years. I love programming and algorithms, both as work and as a hobby. Happy to help, and also to learn together. I'm experienced more in backend related technologies.

Skills: nodejs TypeORM ORM PostgreSQL unit test REST swagger Webpack backend c# TypeScript

Peter Warner-Medley (he/him)

Currently working as lead data/platform engineer at Lyst. Lover of teaching and making tech look a bit less like me (I am a white dude 😬)

Skills: copy-pasta from stackoverflow Elixir databases/SQL Total newbies first code javascript/typescript React (nothing too fancy) cloud infrastructure (mostly AWS) CS basics (beginners data structures complexity etc) AWS python algorithms

Tom Lawrence (He)

I am a backend Ruby developer. Interested in helping people with Ruby or JavaScript

Pascal Edouard

Hi, I'm a DevOps Cloud Engineer based in Edinburgh and looking to promote automation and infrastructure as code. Always available to help new developers, to share tips and tricks with best practices of coding.

Skills: agile Cloud devops Ansible terraform c++ bash c c# java Git Linux python html javascript

Diana Webster

I have around 4 years experience as a web developer, working mostly with in ASP .NET and C#, SQL and React or Angular front-end. Codebar helped me a lot when I was looking for my first job a dev so I guess it's time to give something back.

Skills: Angular ASP.NET .NET CORe c# SQL JS html css React

Alejandro Do Nascimento (he/him)

I'm originally from Venezuela and I've been working as a software developer for the past ~9 years. I got to do a lot of mentoring since some years ago now, and I find it an amazing experience.

Davinder Singh Baweja (he)

I am a student/ Intern at CodeYourFuture, learning web developing. Before starting at CodeYourFuture, I was pursuing engineering in sciences in Belgium, and have 2 years of experience of that course and am familiar with C,C++ , java,Matlab,html,css,JS

Oleg Stadnichenko (hi/him)

I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I've been a software engineer for 10+ years. I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of programming languages, databases, version control, or any other technical themes.

Skills: interviewing SQL java Git docker algorithms

Phil Vigus

I'm a full-stack developer with Mumsnet and a graduate of Maker's Academy. My languages of choice are JavaScript and PHP, and I love helping people to learn.

Skills: laravel Git html css node React javascript php

Alexander Blair (He)

I finished Makers in October 2017, and since then I've worked as a backend developer at Funding Circle. At codebar I'd be happy to help with any problems, from working on basics, solving katas etc. to helping someone trying to build out an application

Skills: ruby html css javascript

Ben Butterworth (he/him)

I have self taught programming, worked a bit as a software engineer, and went back to university to learn more fundamentals. I know Android, iOS, React Native, React, C++, Java, Python and more. I am most interested in mobile and web.

Jak Marshall (he/they)

I enjoy helping others discover the joy and sense of empowerment that comes from learning how to code! I also have experience in teaching. I ran lab sessions for R, SQL, and Java when I was doing my Masters/PhD and I loved it!

Skills: R MongoDB SQL. Python

Stephen Young (he/him)

I've been a programmer for 10 years and currently work as a software engineer at StatsBomb who provide sports analytics. I feel I should be doing something to help underrepresented people in tech so I would like to coach at codebar.

Skills: command line java Git AWS clojure html css javascript

Dave Gillard (he/him/they)

I'm new to teaching, but have broad industry experience, mostly PHP/SQL/AWS, so happy to help/teach whatever I can.

Skills: MySql Dropbox) Bit of MongoDB PostCSS TailwindCSS JS (ES6) Webpack Unix CSS (Sass/Less) Vue AWS html node React php

Luke Barnard (he)

Front end web dev mostly working with React. Competent in other C-like languages. Building a decentralised blog platform.

Tom Dalziel (he/his/him)


Skills: webdev Functional Lisp clojure

David Terry (he/him)

I'm a Berlin based software engineer. I have been working as a professional developer for ~5 years now. I am self taught and queer and I would love to help others get started with software development, for both fun and profit :) :)

David Berry (he (subjective)/him (objective)/his (dependent possessive)/his (independent possessive))

I am a Computer Science graduate with strong interests in theory, Mathematics, and paedagogy. I believe in Socratic questioning as a learning/teaching style. I am most confident with the following languages: Python 3, Standard ML, Coq, Java 11, and C11.

Matt Pocock (he/him)

I'm a lead developer at Yozobi, living near Oxford. I use Typescript, React, CSS, and Node.js at my day job. I'm also a core contributor to the XState state management library. I also spent 6 years as a voice coach.

Skills: node.js AWS React TypeScript javascript

Zsolt Sztupak (he, they)

I'm an Engineering Manager based in Edinburgh. Previously I have also been a Teaching Assistant at a university where I realised I like helping people out when I can. I also held ruby tutorials to my co-workers as well.

Skills: spring-boot devops Ansible terraform digitalocean c++ x86 assembly functional programming Vanilla javascript kubernetes c Haskell c# Ruby on Rails java Android docker AWS ruby html css algorithms

James Rhodes (he/him/his/his)

I particularly like Haskell and Rust. I currently write some Python and some Rust in my day job, and am learning some Clojure too. I also like seeing people achieve new things, and helping them get there when I can.

Skills: rust Haskell python javascript

Alexander Trelore (he/him)

I would like to give back to my local community. My skillset is mostly Go/Docker/Kubernetes/SQL/Python. I'm learning Elixir on the side, but not comfortable enough to mentor them yet.

Skills: Go kubernetes SQL docker python

Aishah Omar (she/her)

I did a bootcamp in 2020 and am now working as a developer

Skills: SQL html css node React TypeScript javascript

Chris Hallson (they/them)

Lead Engineer @ IntelliSenseIO Passionate about helping people start a career in tech or helping people learn and improve their programming skills.

Skills: node.js c SQL java python React javascript

Bradley Taylor

All-round web developer, with lots of experience with general web technologies and WordPress (among other things)

Skills: wordpress html css React javascript php

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, and anything else anyone feels like trying out.

Martin McNickle

Head of Engineering at Float. I've really enjoyed the mentoring that I've done as part of my job. I've also grown more and more frustrated at the lack of diversity in the industry and I'm looking to help with that.

Skills: postgres redis heroku vue.js django Ruby on Rails AWS JS python ruby html css React

Agata Jones (She / Her)

I have graduated from Makers (previously Makers Academy) in March 2018. I currently work as a frontend developer at a startup company Wayhome and would like to help others to get their coding skills polished.

Skills: Testing Library Enzyme styled-components html css React javascript

Mario C Kataoka (He)

I have worked as a web designer and have a really strong foundation with HTML and CSS but would like to transition to development

Skills: html css javascript

Nick Ridgway (He/Him)

I am a Generalist programmer currently working in the games industry as a Build Engineer. I like learning programming languages that teach me something new. Recently I have worked in Rust, C#, Groovy, Python, Java, Javascript, C++, Batch, SQL, and more.

Simon Plenderleith (he/him)

I have been fiddling around with code in one way or another for over 20 years, and I still love it! I'm looking forward to helping folks learn to code.

Skills: bash node.js SQL docker html css javascript

Taís Massaro (she/her)

Software engineer @ Klarna. Career changer with a background in Graphic Design. Codebar helped me a lot while attending the Fullstack Web Development bootcamp @ Spiced Academy.

Skills: Git html css React javascript

Juha-Matti Santala (he/him)

I've been teaching 500+ people to learn programming in Uni Turku, Aalto University, Rails Girls, Django Girls, Boost Summer of Programming, mehackit, codebar and Koodimentori courses/workshops. I currently work as a developer advocate at Futurice.

Skills: bash frontend backend SQL Vue Git python ruby html css Redux React javascript

Edvard "Edda" Busck-Nielsen (he/him)

Would love to help people with their Python and frontend problems/questions! I have not participated in this event before, but as soon as I read the description I just knew this was something I wanted to be part of!

Skills: vue.js frontend backend Flask java script python node TypeScript

Owen Davis

Experienced in React, React Native, node.js, Python, Django and embedded systems. I also have a background in education, and value the idea of sharing these skills.

Skills: django node.js arduino Raspberry Pi React Native python React

Pablo Dejuan

Hello. I am interested in coaching. I used to couch in several organisations I worked for and I would like to do my 2cents on reducing gap between students and learning. I run in the past nodeschools in Uruguay, including the translation of exercises.

Joe Knowles (He/him)

I've been a full stack developer for 6 years, I have a lot of experience with react, and some with ruby on rails. I trained at Makers Academy, which gave me a good understanding of the process of learning to code.

Skills: Cypress Firebase Ruby on Rails ruby html css React javascript

Ali R. Keles

Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes

Skills: kubernetes golang docker python

Paul Wong-Gibbs (he/him)

Team lead/senior developer at a WordPress agency. I'm new to coaching but want to try it and give back.

Skills: wordpress javascript (not React) SQL html css php

Michael Hull (he/him)

I am an engineer, I've worked in a fair few domains over the year, but mainly focus on Python, git, C, web-stuff and dabble in a bit of Haskell.

Skills: c web'y things (front and backend) Haskell Git python algorithms maths

Xavier Defontaine (He / him / his)

I studied logistics and supply chain bachelors, worked in live music gigs as an assistant and finished a bootcamp in Dec 2021 - now got a job as Junior Frontend Web Dev at Endeavor Streaming. I am also native french so can either speak french or english!

Skills: ruby React TypeScript javascript

Jacob Thwaites (he/him)

I'm a software engineer from Edinburgh. I currently work mostly with TypeScript and C#, but have experience with lots of different technologies

Skills: c# python html css React TypeScript javascript

Daniel Steele (him/he)

Ruby/Rails/HTML/CSS/Javascript Full Stack developer that had recently started his own web development agency and loves helping newbies into the space

William Tai (He)

I have worked on ML backend projects. I want to work on helping people get started on projects.

Skills: SQL python

Karina Klinkevičiūtė (they/their)

I am a Python developer and would like to be a mentor.

Skills: python

Ian Dickinson (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer and team lead at Epimorphics. My team focuses on building web applications for data management and data visualisation. I've heard about the great work that Codebar is doing, and am happy to help if I can.

Skills: Vue web development Ruby on Rails Git python html css javascript

Paul Aikman

Full stack dev turned Dev Manager. Still codin'!

Hellen Ward (She)

Organiser for codebar Brighton.

Skills: html css React javascript

Jessica Leach

Front End development skills and interest in experimenting with education

Emil Virkki (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching :)

Livia Rett

I am experienced in Javascript - including ES6 and ES7, HTML and CSS (and LESS). My main focus are React and Redux.

Rares Matei (he/him)

I'd like to support the community in Scotland. I've helped organise before, as an instructor. I also run some of the GlasgowJS meetups and I create lessons on

Ben Webb (he/him)

I do Python backend web development for open data projects. I don't do a lot of CSS/javascript day to day, but I'm reasonably familiar with them. I use the linux command line and git a lot. I've started using docker more recently.

Skills: Git docker python html javascript

Simon Hafner

I'm an FP evangelist, so I'd like to practice my mentor skills.

Max Andrew-Beale (He)

I want to coach at codebar! I have past experience with tutoring in IT and Maths, and I've been retraining in web dev over the last 8 months or so. I would like to help beginners in javaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP and Design concepts.

Gonçalo Morais (he/him)

I can help with front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and full stack (in Ruby on Rails), but I’m happy to pair on other things as well!

Skills: ruby html css javascript

Andy Wooller (he/his)

Hi I'm Andy! I like coding, rock climbing and dogs!! I've been coding for roughly ~10 years. I studied Computing at Bournemouth University. Spent 3 years as a web developer in an agency and the last 3 years as a freelance React and React Native dev.

Skills: java Android Git docker Linux React Native Ci/CD AWS JS html css React TypeScript

Craig McLeod (He/him)

Most comfortable with React JS, some vanilla JS, a bit of Java and Spring Boot. Exposure to Vue and Ruby, although haven't used them in quite a while.

Caro Appleby (she/her)

Clojure developer by day, Python hacker by night

Skills: clojure devops/linux JS etc (beginner only) python

Swetha Charles

Typescript, networking, distributed systems, web dev

Skills: Networking distributed systems Web Dev TypeScript

Kurre Ståhlberg (he/him)

I want to do something concrete to support minorities. I know programming well so this seems like a natural way be a better ally.

Tuan Doan (he/him)

I am a Software Developer at Supermetrics. I have 3-year experience doing front-end stuff. Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, TS, React, Bootstrap, Git etc.

Andre de Vries (he/him)

I have been teaching software in a professional capacity for years in the data and analytics space. The last few years I have specialised in JavaScript / TypeScript and everything related to the web. I would like to coach students on those topics.

Craig Barratt (He)

I want to help people to learn to code or improve their digital skills.

Deanna Marbeck (she)

Full stack developer

Margarita Kopniczky (she/her)

I have only participated as a coach once at one of the codebars hosted at Google a while ago. Going to the Code First: Girls course was really important in my career journey and now it is time for me to give back to the community. Looking forward to this!

Richard Juggins (He/him)

I am a data scientist mainly working in Python. I have been in the industry almost 2 years and previously did a PhD in Physics.

Skills: python

Andrew Cooney

I've been coding since the ZX81 was out and for the past 10 years run my own web dev business. I designed and built UltraBritain which is an events registration and ticketing service which is my main project

Skills: JS html css php

Helen Root (she/they)

I work as a freelance full-stack web developer for a state start-up in the French governmental incubator When I'm not at my computer I do theatre and near-constantly listen to music/podcasts. Can chat to you in English, français and русский.

Skills: python html css javascript

Henriette Hettinga (She)

Self-learner Python and Django. March 2020 graduated Ironhack Web Development bootcamp (JS, React, Express, Node, MongoDB, Heroku).

Ina Yoon (she)

Would love to coach in HTML/CSS and introduction to Javascript :)

Gary Siu (they/them)

A Rubyist and JS programmer currently specialising in front-end development. West London Coders co-organiser.

Skills: ruby html css javascript

Alec McEachran (he/him)

I am a front-end developer and test-drive development expert. I have >15 years in the industry. Until recently I was a Senior Software Engineer at Google. In a past career, I was a professional Maths teacher in England.

Skills: C# (Unity) algorithms maths testing test-driven development IOC entity systems code architecture Redux ThreeJs WebGL React TypeScript javascript

Eleanor Wintram (she/her)

Node/React engineer, some experience in Laravel/PHP

Skills: node React TypeScript javascript php

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