"Connecting the Dots" - May Monthly ☀️

Mon, 21st May at 18:30




12-14 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6NG

Accessibility information

Three flights of stairs, not wheelchair accessible.


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This Monthly we're running a workshop with Caitlin McDonald.

Join us for a playful interactive exploration of network graphs and network evaluation frameworks!

Participants will leave the session with an understanding of what network evaluation is, why organisations (both commercial and non-commercial) care about network evaluation, and different methodological approaches to collecting and processing data for network analysis.

You'll be asked to fill in a survey before attending to fully participate in the interactive part of the evening!

Who else will be there?

  • Bridget Kalinda (Bree)

    Bridget Kalinda (Bree)
  • Benedicte Kalombo (She)

    Benedicte Kalombo (She)
  • Anushia Ayaloo (She)

    Anushia Ayaloo (She)
  • Beverley Day (she/her)

    Beverley Day (she/her)
  • Eva Dinckel (She / her)

    Eva Dinckel (She / her)
  • Danielle Gallagher

    Danielle Gallagher
  • Sim Virdi

    Sim Virdi
  • Jess West (She/Her)

    Jess West (She/Her)
  • Clarice Hilton

    Clarice Hilton
  • Vanessa Bower (she)

    Vanessa Bower (she)
  • Francis Kabuye (his)

    Francis Kabuye (his)
  • Alina Marchenko

    Alina Marchenko
  • Daria Shustova

    Daria Shustova
  • Charlie Blagbrough (He/him)

    Charlie Blagbrough (He/him)
  • Tsvetelina Koleva (she/her)

    Tsvetelina Koleva (she/her)
  • Anastasiya Grachova (Miss)

    Anastasiya Grachova (Miss)
  • Agata Golebiewska (Ms)

    Agata Golebiewska (Ms)
  • Lee Stewart (He/Him)

    Lee Stewart (He/Him)
  • Jen Jones (she)

    Jen Jones (she)
  • Julian Ng (he/him/his)

    Julian Ng (he/him/his)
  • Alex Wong (He)

    Alex Wong (He)
  • Harsheek Thanki (He)

    Harsheek Thanki (He)
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Kara de la Marck

    Kara de la Marck
  • Inês Coelho

    Inês Coelho
  • Ioannis Valasakis

    Ioannis Valasakis
  • Callum Denby (He)

    Callum Denby (He)
  • Elena Beccaro (she)

    Elena Beccaro (she)
  • Abi Travers

    Abi Travers
  • Hasan  Ahmed

    Hasan Ahmed
  • Alice Cheung (she)

    Alice Cheung (she)
  • Johanna Herman

    Johanna Herman
  • Erica Salvaneschi (it/its)

    Erica Salvaneschi (it/its)
  • Kate Zechar (She/her)

    Kate Zechar (She/her)


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

    Kara Stubbs (She/Her)
  • Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

    Kimberley Cook (She/Her)