March Monthly 🌼

Mon, 25th March at 18:30




38 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1PX


Use the 35 Wilson Street entrance

Accessibility information

Venue has a stair-free access and bathroom facilities are also accessible


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Please join us for the March edition of codebar Monthlies!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Richard Westenra (he/him) : "Painting with Data"

Data-visualisation trades in metaphor and allusion. At its best, it’s imaginative storytelling with data and algorithms. We’ll explore how to create beauty with JavaScript, how dataviz can shape the way we see the world, and how you can get started painting with data.

Astrid Ronja Novicky (she/her) : "DevOps - Fullstack. Or not?"

How to deploy your first projects with Heroku or AWS.

Short talks ⚡️

Beverley Newing (they/them) : "Hobby to Hustle"

We’re all here because we love coding. We’re at an after work meetup and involved with codebar! Tech is a fantastic industry to be in, and it’s full of amazing opportunities. But, it has its fair share of challenges. How do you deal with coding going from being your hobby to your day job? Beverley will share their hard earned lessons about the transition from english literature to front-end development, and the war wounds they wish they’d avoided on the way.

James Milner (he/him) : "From Geographer to Software Engineer"

This talk will examine my James' experience with side stepping from being a geographer to a full time Software Engineer. He'll touch on planning ahead with your career, over coming impostor syndrome, as well as negotiating and understanding your value as you grow. It will also explore how non Computer Science folks bring their own unique skills and experience to the table and how to leverage this.

Who else will be there?

  • Florian Rathgeber

    Florian Rathgeber

  • Masha Budryte

    Masha Budryte
  • Roxey Niko (She)

    Roxey Niko (She)
  • Hattie Stamp (She/her)

    Hattie Stamp (She/her)
  • Tina Limbu (she)

    Tina Limbu (she)
  • Mohbeen Mushtaq (her)

    Mohbeen Mushtaq (her)
  • Josi Kreusler (She)

    Josi Kreusler (She)
  • Nikhil Vijayan (he/him)

    Nikhil Vijayan (he/him)
  • Mike Jeuga (he)

    Mike Jeuga (he)
  • Ibrahim Butt (He/Him)

    Ibrahim Butt (He/Him)
  • Mariana Linhan (she)

    Mariana Linhan (she)
  • Beau Jackson (She)

    Beau Jackson (She)
  • Midori Fujimoto

    Midori Fujimoto
  • Barbara Shinkarenko

    Barbara Shinkarenko
  • Jani Eväkallio (he/him)

    Jani Eväkallio (he/him)
  • Uwais Fariz Ahamed (He)

    Uwais Fariz Ahamed (He)
  • Rahmat Junaid (she/her)

    Rahmat Junaid (she/her)
  • Yosuf Ali

    Yosuf Ali
  • Verena W (she)

    Verena W (she)
  • Christine Awofeso

    Christine Awofeso
  • Kirtiman Singh

    Kirtiman Singh
  • Umkalthum suleiman (She)

    Umkalthum suleiman (She)
  • Jennifer Murray

    Jennifer Murray
  • Michael Gill (he)

    Michael Gill (he)
  • Rodrigue Kayembe

    Rodrigue Kayembe
  • Trish Wynne

    Trish Wynne
  • Simon Hyslop (he/him)

    Simon Hyslop (he/him)
  • Dragana Stanivukovic (she)

    Dragana Stanivukovic (she)
  • Miguel Beltre

    Miguel Beltre
  • Chiara Mugnai (she)

    Chiara Mugnai (she)
  • Pablo Dejuan

    Pablo Dejuan
  • Ademide Quadri (He, Him)

    Ademide Quadri (He, Him)
  • Heather Whyte (she/her)

    Heather Whyte (she/her)
  • Adedayo Adedapo (He)

    Adedayo Adedapo (He)
  • Janine Luk (She/her)

    Janine Luk (She/her)
  • Siddharth (Sidd) Vadgama (he/him)

    Siddharth (Sidd) Vadgama (he/him)
  • Leare Song (She)

    Leare Song (She)
  • Rebecca Huseyin

    Rebecca Huseyin
  • Michael Nguyen

    Michael Nguyen
  • Monica Amanfo (she)

    Monica Amanfo (she)
  • Mariana Bazely (she)

    Mariana Bazely (she)
  • Deita Howard (she/her)

    Deita Howard (she/her)
  • Corinna Chan (She/Her)

    Corinna Chan (She/Her)
  • Shaneil Clarke (she/her)

    Shaneil Clarke (she/her)
  • TIlly Oswell-Wheeler (She/her)

    TIlly Oswell-Wheeler (She/her)
  • Bobby Sebolao (he)

    Bobby Sebolao (he)
  • Joko Sanyang

    Joko Sanyang
  • Zara Markland (she/her)

    Zara Markland (she/her)
  • Jessica Cregg (she/her)

    Jessica Cregg (she/her)
  • Wilson Wan

    Wilson Wan
  • Rosie Weir

    Rosie Weir
  • Anna Burley (she)

    Anna Burley (she)
  • Linh Nguyen My

    Linh Nguyen My
  • Jiseong Park (He)

    Jiseong Park (He)
  • Yu-Jin Tan

    Yu-Jin Tan
  • Alice Mingay (she/her)

    Alice Mingay (she/her)
  • Klaudia Piaskowska (She)

    Klaudia Piaskowska (She)
  • Ania Błaziak (she/her)

    Ania Błaziak (she/her)
  • Rose Azad Khan (she/her)

    Rose Azad Khan (she/her)
  • Collette Cahill (She)

    Collette Cahill (She)
  • Erin Stevenson (she/her)

    Erin Stevenson (she/her)
  • Gary Siu (they/them)

    Gary Siu (they/them)
  • Funsho Fashogbon (She)

    Funsho Fashogbon (She)
  • Julie Bernal (she)

    Julie Bernal (she)
  • Abi Mohamed (She/her)

    Abi Mohamed (She/her)
  • Jess C

    Jess C
  • Manuela Sabatino Sabatino

    Manuela Sabatino Sabatino
  • Aarti Khatri (she/her)

    Aarti Khatri (she/her)
  • Harsheek Thanki (He)

    Harsheek Thanki (He)
  • Renee Lin (she)

    Renee Lin (she)
  • Mark Woodbridge

    Mark Woodbridge
  • Alice Andrew Andrew

    Alice Andrew Andrew
  • Jon Sherrard

    Jon Sherrard
  • K J Daniells

    K J Daniells
  • Johanna Herman

    Johanna Herman


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)

    Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)
  • Jack Lewin (he/him)

    Jack Lewin (he/him)
  • Ana Rodrigues (she/her)

    Ana Rodrigues (she/her)
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)
  • Karan Thakkar (he/him)

    Karan Thakkar (he/him)